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General enquiries or complaints

Phone: (08) 9474 0444

Fax: (08) 9474 4420

Email: or fill in the form below.

24 hr Recorded Information Line

Phone: (08) 9474 3551

Online purchasing or donation queries

Phone: (08) 9474 0350


Weddings at Perth Zoo

Phone: (08) 9474 0444


Events, functions and conferences at Perth Zoo

Phone: (08) 9474 0444


Picnics at Perth Zoo

Phone: (08) 9474 0444


Group ticketing enquiries (orders of 29 tickets or more)

Phone: (08) 9474 0444


Zoo Friends Membership, Adoptions and Donations

Phone: (08) 9474 0350


Requests for sponsorship or giveaways


Due to the volume of requests for giveaways and free tickets we receive, our capacity to respond is limited to those which align with our conservation objectives.

Student requests or research requests

Please see note below.



Perth Zoo
PO Box 489
South Perth 6951
Western Australia

Street Address

Perth Zoo
20 Labouchere Rd
South Perth 6151
Western Australia

Student requests/research

A great deal of information about Perth Zoo and its operations can be found on the Zoo’s website and in its annual report. The current and previous editions of the Perth Zoo Annual Report are available in hard copy from in all University libraries (in the Serials or Reserve sections) and in the State Library of WA or on this webpage. Students are asked to use these references — and other, more traditional resources — as a first point of reference.

Due to the sheer number of requests that we receive each day, it is recommended that general animal questions and inquiries (i.e. not specific to the animals or operations of Perth Zoo) may be more immediately resolved via encyclopedias and other traditional research references.

Please note that zoo keepers are unable to respond to requests personally and cannot be interviewed for school projects or assignments.

As with all correspondence, we will endeavour to respond to email inquiries within ten working days in accordance with our Customer Service Charter (pdf).

Thank you for your understanding.

Information for Students of Marketing, Commerce and Tourism

Perth Zoo is a popular choice for students undertaking research assignments in various marketing and tourism related subjects. Students are asked to use the information and study tips above as well as below as a first point of reference.

  • Due to the number of enquiries received Perth Zoo regrets that we are unable to meet in person with student groups.
  • Market Research students are not permitted to conduct their own market research surveys within Perth Zoo or outside the Zoo’s front entrance.
  • Perth Zoo is unable to provide copies of its Marketing Plans or Market Research results to students as these documents are confidential.

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