What is a group of … called?

We have published a list of the commonly asked questions regarding the special names for a group of animals, the male and female of the species and the young.

ANIMAL Male Female Young Collective Term
Ant Drone Queen/Worker Larva Swarm; Colony
Antelope Buck Doe Fawn; Calf Herd
Apes Male Female Infant Shrewdness
Badger Boar Sow Cub Cete/Sett
Bear Bear She-bear Cub Sloth
Bee Drone Queen/Worker Larva Swarm; Hive
Camel Bull Cow Calf Herd
Cat Tom Queen Kitten; Catling Clutter; Clowder
Cattle Bull Cow Calf —
Herd; Drove
Chicken Cock Hen Chick Brood; Clutch; Flock
Crows Male Female Chick Murder
Deer Buck Doe Fawn Herd
Deer (Red) Stag Hind Fawn Herd
Dog Dog Bitch Pup; Whelp pack (when hunting); Colony
Dolphins Male Female Calf School; Shoal
Donkey Neddy; Jack Jenny; Jill Foal —
Duck Drake Duck Duckling Padling; Team; Company (wild)
Echidna Male Female Puggle Train (mating season behaviour)
Elephant Bull Cow Calf Herd
Emu Cock Hen Chick Flock
Fish Male Female Fingerling; Fry School; Shoal
Fowl Rooster Hen Chicken —
Cockerel; pullet
Fox Fox Vixen Cub/pup Skulk
Frog Male Female Tadpole/Polliwog Knot; Croak
Giraffe Bull Cow Calf Herd
Goat Billy Nanny Kid Herd; Tribe
Goose Gander Goose Gosling Skein (flying); Gaggle
Gorilla Silverback Female Infant Band
Hare Buck; Jack Doe Leveret Husk
Hawk Tercel Falcon Eyas Flock
Hippopotamus Bull Cow Calf Pod/Huddle
Horse Stallion Mare Foal —
Stud; Team; Herd
Kangaroo Buck Doe Joey Mob; Troupe
Koala Boar Sow Cub Group; Colony
Leopard Male Female Cub Leap; Lepe
Lion Lion Lioness Cub Pride
Mackeral Male Female Blinker; Spike School; Shoal
Monkeys Male Female Infant/Juvenile Troupe
Owl Cock Hen Owlet Parliament
Peacock Peacock Peahen Chick Muster
Rabbit Buck Doe Kit; Kitten Colony; Nest
Rhinoceros Bull Cow Calf crash
Seal Bull Cow Pup; Whelp Pod
Shark Male Female Cub School
Sheep Ram Ewe Lamb Flock
Swan Cob Pen Cygnet Flock
Snake Male Female Snakelets; Hatchling Lair
Tiger Tiger Tigeress Cub Tigers are not usually found in groups
Turkey Gobbler/Cock Hen Poult Rafter/Dule
Turtle Male Female Hatchling Dule
Whale Bull Cow Calf Pod; Gam; School
Wolf Dog Bitch Cub; Pup Rout; Pack
Zebra Stallion Mare Foal Herd
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