What does a zoo keeper do?

Keepers are responsible for the wellbeing of a group of animals in their care. The type of animal and range of duties depends on what section of Perth Zoo they work in.

As an example, a Keeper working with Perth Zoo’s Australian Fauna section would have the following duties:

  • provides general care and husbandry and monitors the health of Australian Mammals, Reptiles and Birds and reports any problems to the supervisor
  • prepares appropriate food for a wide range of species in accordance with established diets, feeding schedules and procedures
  • ensures that animal exhibits are clean and safe and assists in refurbishing and landscaping
  • captures, restrains and handles a wide range of species as required
  • assists Veterinary Department staff with the administration of medication and testing of animals
  • assists with research projects and data collection
  • provides an education and information service to the public on the Zoo’s activities
  • maintains exhibit and animal records and provide reports
  • participates in effective human resource management, Equal Employment Opportunity and Occupational Health Welfare and Safety guidelines and policies.
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