Night Stalk

1 September to 16 October

Night Stalk 2012

Take part in a Night Stalk and find out what goes bump, hoot or whoop in the night!

Night Stalk sponsored by Tronox is a fantastic way to get friends, family and the community outside to explore their local parks and bushland and to discover the amazing animals that live there.

Its easy, fun and something everyone can do. So come on and join the search!

All you need is a torch and a copy of the Spotter’s Log. Choose a night or number of nights between 1 September and 16 October and spotlight in your local forest/bushland making a record all of the mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs that you find. Then post, fax or email your Spotter’s Log to Perth Zoo for collating.

It is a great way to become involved in community conservation action and to learn about our native animals, their habitat and their threats. The information is collated and made available online for interested members of the community. Particularly interesting sightings of species are also sent to conservation agencies. This regular monitoring can help the community realise which species live in the various habitats of Australia and in turn we hope will encourage conservation action to help protect and preserve the important biodiversity that surrounds us.

Each year over 1000 people from across the country participate in this annual spotlighting survey but we would love to make this year even bigger yet, so join the search!

Find out how to run your own Night Stalk and about hosted Night Stalks near you.

Post, fax or email your Spotter’s Log to Perth Zoo for collating.

Love Your Local Wildlife

Love Your Local Wildlife

Want to learn more about your local wildlife? Meet the locals and get to know their stories.



Night Stalk
PO Box 489
South Perth WA 6151

(08) 9474 4113

Night Stalk is proudly sponsored by Tronox.


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