African Savannah

Embark on a journey along a dry river bed, in search of Africa’s remarkable treasures, as the African Savannah unfolds before you. Striking landscapes, tall grasses, thorny trees, baboons, hyaenas, giraffes and lions—the sights, sounds and smells of Africa.


Perth Zoo’s African Savannah exhibit provides a sense of the variety and beauty of Africa. Formerly a flat, grassed oval circled by a miniature railway, this area of 1.25 hectares has been transformed to present the diversity and fragility of African wildlife and their environment.

Follow the path to see African Painted Dogs, lions, baboons, meerkats and rhinoceros. Stand beneath the cool shade of the thatched tree houses and watch grazing zebras and browsing giraffes or visit Cinema N’dutu to find out how Perth Zoo cares for some of its African animals and plants.

The African Savannah has been planted with authentic Africa grasses and trees to provide a natural habitat for the animals. Trees that you will see as you wander through the African Savannah at Perth Zoo include Cape Chestnut, Senegal Date Palm, Cabbage Tree, Sausage Tree, Thunga Tree, Flame Tree and Kei Apple. The main grasses found in the exhibit are found throughout East Africa. These grasses include Kikuyu, Fountain Grass, Elephant Grass and Rhodes Grass.

Kopje, or rocky outcrops are characteristic of the savannah and these have been incorporated into the exhibits. The rocks were constructed of wire frames and concrete and disguise night quarters for the animals or storage facilities.

Africa awaits the adventurous…

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