Australian Bushwalk

KoalaThe scent of eucalypts, the call of the kookaburra, the sound of a didgeridoo—this is Perth Zoo’s Australian Bushwalk experience.

Visitors to the Australian Bushwalk tour through re-creations of some of Australia’s famous landscapes and ecosystems and encounter kangaroos, emus, koalas and dingos face-to-face. The Western Woodlands, our stark Arid Interior, and South-east Forest regions make up this quintessential Australian experience.

The Numbats Under Threat Exhibit is home to Western Australia’s mammal emblem, the Numbat. A daily special presentation (September to April) on the Numbat also educates visitors about Perth Zoo’s Numbat breeding program and the threats that Numbats currently face in the wild.

Find out more about the Australian Bushwalk animals here:

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