Red-legged Pademelon

Red-legged PademelonScientific Name: Thylogale stigmatica
Conservation Status: Vulnerable
Body Length: 39–53.5 cm
Weight: 4.2–6.5 kg
Gestation: 28–30 days
Number of young: 1

Distribution: In patches from northern Queensland to the mid-coast of New South Wales.
Habitat: The dense understory of coastal rainforest.

Description: The Red-legged Pademelon is a colourful type of rainforest wallaby with rufous red legs and face, a white cheek stripe, grey upper body and whitish underbelly.

Diet: This herbivore forages for native grasses and herbs on the edge of the rainforest. It also eats fruits, fungi, leaves and stems.

In the wild: Pademelons are shy marsupials that usually live alone. They come out in day and night but will only venture into exposed areas to feed after dark. They breed year-round and will carry a single joey in the pouch for about 7 months.

Threats: Feral pigs, domestic livestock, land-clearing and altered fire patterns are threats to the Red-legged Pademelon’s habitat. They are also preyed upon by foxes, cats and feral dogs.

At Perth Zoo: See if you can spot this furry friend on the Australian Bushwalk.

Did you know? Red-legged Pademelons are rare to see in the wild.

Download the Red-legged Pademelon Fact Sheet (pdf).

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