Motorbike Frog

Motorbike FrogOther names: Western Golden Bell Frog
Scientific Name: Litoria moorei
Conservation Status: Least Concern
Body Length: 4.5–10 cm

Distribution: South-west Western Australia
Habitat: Streams, swamps, dams and ponds.

Description: Motorbike Frogs come in different colours, from dull-olive to bright-emerald with large blotches of brown or gold. There are also light spots on its flanks. The fingers do not have webbing but the toes do. They also have prominent toe discs.

Diet: Motorbike Frogs are carnivores and eat insects and smaller frogs.

In the wild: The natural predators of this frog include water birds, Oblong Tortoises and Tiger Snakes.

Threats: Habitat destruction and Chytrid fungus are a threat to these frogs.

At Perth Zoo: Motorbike Frogs can be seen inside the entrance to the Australian Wetlands exhibit.

Did you know? This frog gets its name from its call which sounds a lot like a motorbike changing gears. They can often be seen in ponds in suburban Perth.

For more information about frogs, visit these websites:

Frogs Australia Network (
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Download the Motorbike Frog Fact Sheet (pdf).

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