Splendid Fairy Wren

SplendidFairyWrenScientific Name: Malurus splendens
Conservation Status: Not Evaluated
Body Length: 11.5–13.5 cm
Incubation: 13–16 days
Number of eggs: 2–4

Distribution: South-western, central and inland eastern Australia
Habitat: Heathy woodland, mulga and mallee forests.

Description: Male and female Splendid Fairy Wrens have different coloured feathers. Males are mostly blue with a black band across their back and head. Females are a brown, fawny colour with a blue tail.

Diet: Splendid Fairy Wrens are carnivores and eat a variety of insects.

In the wild: Breeding takes place mainly from September to January. When looking for a mate, the male Splendid Fairy Wren turns an iridescent blue.

There are three different varieties of Splendid Fairy Wren that live in three areas of Australia. Where the varieties meet, they breed with each other.

At Perth Zoo: Splendid Fairy Wrens can be seen in the Birds of the South-west Walk-through Aviary. See if you can spot when the male is looking for a mate.

Download the Splendid Fairy Wren Fact Sheet (pdf).

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