Nocturnal House

See the World Through Night Eyes

Open 10am to 5pm

Take a moment… let your eyes adjust… and come with us on a night-time journey around Australia and Asia

Enter the dark and mysterious world of some of the world’s most fascinating nocturnal creatures at Perth Zoo’s Nocturnal House.

Owls, possums, mice, bats, lizards, frogs and a huge array of Australian marsupials such as bettongs, bandicoots and bilbies are all on display. Also, keep a keen eye out for the Water Rat and Slow Loris.

A special invertebrate exhibit features some of Australia’s creepy-crawleys, such as Red-back Spiders, Sydney Funnel Web and centipede. Watch the scorpion glow in the dark!

Nocturnal animals are generally inactive during daylight hours and come alive between sunset and sunrise. Perth Zoo’s Nocturnal House reverses the clock so that Zoo visitors can see, by day, these amazing creatures in naturalistic night-time settings.

Take an extra moment to look deep within the brush and trees for the inhabitants. You may suddenly find a pair of eyes looking right back at you. Many are masters of disguise — their survival depends on it!

For the wellbeing the creatures that call the Nocturnal House home, we ask that you do not use flash photography, torches or lighters in the Nocturnal House. Smoking is also prohibited.

Find out more about all of the Nocturnal House animals here:

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