Fauna Friendly Gardens

Looking for a way to improve your local environment and introduce some native fauna into your garden? Have a look at some of the pages below for ways to make your garden fauna-friendly.

Bird-friendly Garden

Why not go one step further than the simple bird bath? Designing your garden with birds in minds may lead to a greater range of species visiting your garden for food or refuge.

Frog-friendly Garden

With a little planning, you can create a haven for amphibians to ensure they have somewhere to eat, rest and breed.

Butterfly-friendly Garden

Take a bug’s eye view of your backyard and discover something new.

Reptile-friendly Garden

Find out how you can make your garden a home for some of your local reptiles.

Nest Boxes for Native Animals

Many native animals live in tree hollows but with fewer hollows available, nest boxes are proving to be a useful alternative for providing a home for wildlife.

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