FlowersAcorn Banksia: The Acorn Banksia is the fastest growing Banksia in the Perth area.

Baluka/Giant Bamboo: This large Bamboo can grow to a height of 25 m.

Buddha’s Belly Bamboo: This bamboo gets its common name from the swollen ‘Buddha’s belly’-like lower internodes which become short and fat in times of stress.

Dune MosesThis wattle gets its name from its habit of growing well in coastal sand dune areas.

Firewheel TreeThe Firewheel Tree takes its name from the configuration and colour of its flowers.

Firewood BanksiaThis large shrub/small tree is known as the ‘Firewood Banksia’ for obvious reasons; the wood burns away to a fine ash.

firestick plantsFrangipaniIn Cambodia, Frangipani flowers are used in necklace offerings to deities and as decoration on coffins.

Giant ReedGiant Reed has a long history of use by humans.

Jam WattleLike many others, this Wattle has phyllodes instead of leaves to help control water loss in hot, dry weather.

Kei Apple: Due to its hardiness the tree is a valuable tool against salinity and erosion in Africa, and a source of food if other crops fail.

Natal PlumSalt-resistant and prickly, the Natal Plum is often grown as a hedge or barrier.

Natal Wedding Flower: When blooming, trees become weighed down with clusters of drooping, cup-shaped flowers.

golden shower treeOrange JessamineBeautiful yet hardy, Orange Jessamine is often grown as an ornamental hedge.

Persian Silk Tree: This tree is adorned with vivid, pink and white flowers that look like pompoms.

Red and Green Kangaroo PawThe name ‘Kangaroo Paw’ (originally ‘Kangaroo Foot’) was coined around the 1850s and was used mainly for this species commonly found in the Perth area.

Sydney WattleThese delicately-scented flowers attract a variety of insects and birds to feed, and eventually develop into straight seed pods.

WA Peppermint TreeThis gracefully weeping tree was given the name ‘peppermint’ by early colonists because of the peppermint scent given off by crushed leaves.

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