Acorn Banksia

Acorn BanksiaOther Names: Saw-toothed Banksia, Orange Banksia
Botanical Name: Banksia prionotes
Flowering Period: February to August
Native to: Western Australia from Albany to the Murchison.

The 10-15 cm orange flower-spike of this species resembles an acorn when partially opened, thus giving it its common name of Acorn Banksia.

Another species, Banksia hookeriana, also goes by the same common name and both species are known to hybridise (cross breed) with each other.

Many Banksia leaves have serrated edges, however, few have the well defined saw-tooth pattern of B. prionotes. The botanical name ‘prionotes’ is from the Greek and means ‘saw-like’.

The Acorn Banksia is the fastest growing Banksia in the Perth area. It appears mainly north of the Swan River as it grows best in yellow sand where Tuart (Eucalyptus gomphocephala) begins to give way to Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata).

Banksia are an important food source for native nectar-feeding birds.

Location in the Zoo: In the Banksia Garden at the ‘top’ end of the Zoo.

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