Buddha’s Belly Bamboo

Botanical Name: Bambusa ventricosa
Native to: Southern China.

This Bamboo grows up to 17 m high and forms clumps up to 5 m wide. It gets its common name from the swollen ‘Buddha’s belly’-like lower internodes which become short and fat in times of stress.

Valued for its decorative uses, it is well suited to growing in pots or as a Bonsai. Its dark green culms turn a golden colour when mature. This tough Bamboo grows well even in poor, dry areas, and is useful for preventing erosion. It forms an impenetrable hedge when mature, and the high protein content of its leaves make it a valuable animal fodder during droughts.

Location in Zoo: Opposite the Tiger Complex Entrance and further along from the path entrance close to the elephant exhibit boardwalk.

Use in the Zoo: A valuable fodder species for Red Panda, Elephant and Primates.

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