Jam Wattle

Jam WattleOther Names: Raspberry Jam Wood
Botanical Name: Acacia acuminata
Plant Family: MIMOSACEAE
Flowering Period: July to October
Native to: Western Australia – mostly Wheat belt regions.

This upright and fast-growing Wattle grows to about 3 m high by 2 m wide. Like many others, this Wattle has phyllodes instead of leaves to help control water loss in hot, dry weather. The phyllodes are 7–25 cm long; narrow, thin, pointed and bright green. Its golden-yellow flowers are rod–shaped and about 2.5 cm long, being produced near the ends of the branches. After flowering, narrow and flat or convex seed pods are produced. It prefers full sun and is tolerant of limestone soils.

Its heavy and durable timber has been widely used as farm fence posts, as well as in making various Aboriginal weapons. When freshly cut, the fragrance of its wood is like that of raspberry jam.

Location in Zoo: In the Australian Bush Walk Country Road/ opposite Cockatoo exhibit.

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