Sydney Wattle

Other Names: Golden Rods
Botanical Name: Acacia longifolia
Plant Family: MIMOSACEAE
Flowering Period: July to October
Native to: New South Wales and naturalised in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

This fast-growing Wattle develops into a spreading shrub or small tree growing up to 10 m high. It has long, dark green, many-veined phyllodes instead of leaves, and its yellow rod-shaped flowers grow 2-6 cm long. These delicately-scented flowers attract a variety of insects and birds to feed, and eventually develop into straight seed pods. Its phyllodes can be used for dye to colour fabrics.

Location in Zoo: In the Australian Bush Walk up on the bank on the left hand side just before you reach the double gate that leads into the Black-flanked Rock-wallabies. Also on the Mill Point Road side of the toilet block opposite the Variety Club Playground.

Use in the Zoo: A valuable fodder species for Giraffe and a brightly-coloured ornamental plant.

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