Creature Compost

Want to know the secret to Perth Zoo’s beautiful gardens? Creature Compost!

Compost-Bag_transparentLovingly produced with the cooperation of Perth Zoo’s animals, Creature Compost is a high quality compost found nowhere else in Western Australia.  Creature Compost is made from animal and garden waste and can be used for improving the soil, potting new plants and even as a seed raising mix (please note we recommend using less for salt or phosphorous sensitive plants like natives).

The proceeds from Creature Compost help Perth Zoo save wildlife.



Creature Compost – 10 litre bag ($9.95)

Ideal for children to use as a grow bag for seeds, or for use on small gardens to improve soil.

Get children excited about growing their own plants and vegetables.  Children who love the Zoo will love Creature Compost. Simply punch a few drainage holes in the bottom of the bag, open the top and sow your seeds or seedlings, water well and watch them grow. The mouth of the tiger is see-through so you might even see the roots grow!

Read how you can start a native fauna-friendly garden in your back yard.

Available now from Zoonique – Perth Zoo’s shop or ORDER NOW online with FREE DELIVERY from our compost partner, Nutrarich here.  


Creature Compost – 25 litre bag ($14.95)

Who better than an elephant can help you improve your soil? Use as a general compost mixed with your soil in a 1:1 ratio, although use half the amount if using with native or salt sensitive plants.

ORDER NOW. Available online only with FREE DELIVERY from our compost partner, Nutrarich here. 


Creature Compost – bulk ($34.00 per 1/3 cubic metre)

For the committed wild gardener.  Invite the whole herd into your garden.  Pickup only from Swan Valley Landscape Supplies.


How is Creature Compost made?

Organic waste is collected from the majority of our animals as well as green waste from pruning our extensive gardens. Our composting partner, Nutrarich, then take the waste and compost it in to the Australian standard AS4454 – the Australian standard for mulches and compost. It is one of the best composts Perth Zoo has used.

FACT: About 800 cubic metres of animal and plant waste is removed for composting from Perth Zoo each year. It is this compost that keeps Perth Zoo’s gardens and animal habitats looking so beautiful and green.  Whatever the Zoo doesn’t use makes Creature Compost.

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Why make Creature Compost?

Perth Zoo is a wildlife conservation organisation and is committed to sustainability to help ensure wildlife habitat is protected. We are working hard to reduce our impact on the planet by reducing our energy consumption, water use and reducing our landfill waste.

Zoo Poo – Perth Zoo used to offer “Zoo Poo” in the 1990s. Although very popular, the Zoo was unable to offer it for long.  Creature Compost is bigger and better.  

Creature Compost is a key strategy for reducing the organic materials which have until recently been going to landfill. We chose our compost partner, Nutrarich because of their sustainability credentials and their commitment to “closed loop recycling“. Since establishing our partnership we have reduced annual landfill waste by 45%.

Read how we are reducing our impact on the environment and find out how you can join us by reducing your impact too.



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