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Zoo Crew Radiated Tortoise

If the thought of another round of school holidays is driving you wild, why don’t you leave your little monkeys with us for the day?

Zoo Crew is a Perth Zoo educational adventure day for kids aged 8-13. Drop your kids off at the Zoo and they will get up close and personal with zoo animals, make special animal treats and go into restricted access areas of Perth Zoo.

Your little monkeys can hang with us at the Zoo while you get a day off. 

School Holidays

Zoo Crew Themes

Global Explorer

Global Explorer

Junior Keeper

Wildlife Hero

September/October 2016

Early bird price closing date: 12 September 

27 September

Wednesday 28 September

Thursday 29 September 

30 September

Monday 3 October

Tuesday 4 October

Thursday 6 October

Friday 7 October

Global Explorer – Join us and visit the animals of the Asian Rainforest, African Safari and Australian Bush all in one day! Get involved in helping us to care for these amazing animals, create some special enrichment treats and learn about their amazing adaptations for survival.

Junior Keeper – Take part in one of the most amazing jobs ever and discover what’s involved in caring for the Zoo’s incredible animals. How do we prepare food for over 170 different species? How do we keep our animals fit and healthy? What’s involved in cleaning an exhibit? Grab a pooper scooper and let’s get going!

Wildlife Hero – Join our team of wildlife warriors and help Perth Zoo to conserve endangered animals from around the world and here in Australia. Assist with some of the special activities that are essential to their care and future, visit unique ‘Behind the Scenes’ areas and take ‘Saving Wildlife’ actions back home with you!


To book for the September/October school holidays, please download the registration form and email to discoveryandlearning@perthzoo.wa.gov.au

Registrations will be processed on a strict first in first served basis. Placement into program sessions will be allocated in this order at time of registration and payment.

Should you desire to be in the same session as another participant, please be advised that we need to receive all registrations together and have the request clearly specified on all documents. Requests are subject to availability at the time of enrolment.

Please note: prices subject to change.


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