The Lion King at Perth Zoo’s Twilight Outdoor Cinema, presented by Brownes

2014 Teddy Bears’ Picnic at Perth Zoo

Meerkat kits at Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo has three new residents. These super-cute meerkat kits were born on February 15. Read more here.

Otter pups have a health check

Perth Zoo’s four super cute otter pups have had their first health check. Read more here.

Two echidna puggles born at Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo’s groundbreaking echidna breeding program has produced a further two puggles and another world-first breeding milestone. Read more about the puggles.

Ring-tailed Lemur twins born at Perth Zoo

Two Ring-tailed Lemurs were born at Perth Zoo on 14 September to mum Zanaka. Perth Zoo is part of a regional breeding program for this threatened species.

Baby meerkats make debut at Perth Zoo

The popular meerkat colony at Perth Zoo has expanded with the birth of four healthy kits. Find out more about the kits here.

Otter Joy for Perth Zoo

The first otters born at Perth Zoo in 18 years made their public debut on 17 September during a health check by the Zoo’s veterinary staff. Find out more about the otter pups here.

The Pitter-Patter of Penguin Feet

Check out these photos of a penguin chick born recently at Perth Zoo. The photos were taken weekly, starting on 30 July when the chick was one day old. Penguin chicks grow quickly and this one already weighs over 1 kg. It is still in its burrow being looked after by its parents but will emerge in the next few weeks, ready to take its first swim.

A Lumpy Lion’s Visit to the Veterinary Hospital

Recently Perth Zoo keepers noticed a lump on the back of 10-year-old lion Mandela. To investigate the lump, the big cat underwent a general anaesthetic at the Perth Zoo Veterinary Hospital on 8 August. Read more about Mandela’s visit to the veterinary hospital.

Endangered African Painted Dogs born at Perth Zoo

Seven African Painted Dogs – four males and three females – were born at Perth Zoo on 1 May. When the pups were seven weeks old they had their first health check. Read more about the successful breeding program for this endangered species.

Black-headed Pythons hatch at Perth Zoo

Three Black-headed Pythons that hatched at Perth Zoo on 9 January received their first vet check this week. The pythons are currently around 35cm long but when they’re fully grown they’ll reach up to 3m. The youngsters are off-exhibit at the moment but you can see their parents in the Reptile Encounter.

Two endangered orangutans born at Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo’s internationally-renowned breeding colony of critically endangered Sumatran Orangutans has added another two youngsters to its fold. Read more about the orangutans.

Black-capped Capuchin Baby

Black-capped Capuchin Lola gave birth to her 6th infant on Australia Day. The youngster still spends much of its time on mum’s back. Perth Zoo is part of a regional breeding program for this South American species.

New Giraffe Calf for Misha

Read about Misha’s new calf.

Black-and-White Ruffed Lemurs Enjoying Icy Fruit Cups on a Hot Day

Echidna Puggle ‘Kai’

Read about Perth Zoo’s newest echidna puggle, Kai, our sixth in five years.

Elegant Parrot Chicks

These two Elegant Parrot chicks hatched on 5 October 2011 in the Birds of the South-west Aviary.

Purple-crowned Lorikeet

This Purple-crowned Lorikeet hatched on 2 October 2011 in the Birds of the South-west Aviary.

Ring-tailed Lemur Baby

Ring-tailed Lemur Zanaka gave birth to a male infant on 17 September 2011. The Zoo is part of a regional breeding program for this species which is threatened with poaching and habitat destruction in its native home of Madagascar.

WA Banana Growers Support Perth Zoo

Read how WA banana growers are helping Perth Zoo animals.

Numbat Babies in 2011

Read more about the Numbat babies.

Cotton-top Tamarin Baby

Read more about the Cotton-top Tamarin Baby.

African Painted Dog Pups Health Check

Read more about the pups here.

Hand-raised White-cheeked Gibbon

Read more about the White-cheeked Gibbon here.

Dingo Pups

Read more about the Dingo pups here.

Bush Stone-curlew Chick

Knob-tailed Gecko Hatchlings

New Cheetah ‘Kifani’

Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur Twins

Quokka Joeys

Ring-tailed Lemur ‘Shango’

Pygmy Spiny-tailed Skinks

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