Traditional moniker chosen for giraffe calf

Perth Zoo’s newest resident has been named Twiga, which is the Swahili word for giraffe.

Giraffe naming competition winner Anne Holder with Twiga.

Giraffe naming competition winner Anne Holder with Twiga.

Environment Minister Bill Marmion said the name was chosen from more than 1,200 entries in a public naming competition run with The West Australian.

The winner was Anne Holder, of Victoria Park, who will be given a behind the scenes tour for her and three friends to meet Twiga and the other giraffes.

Ms Holder came up with the name after seeing giraffe in the wild when visiting Kenya, where she learnt the Swahili word for the animal.

Mr Marmion said he was pleased to see Twiga had settled in to her daily routine and both mother and calf were doing well.

“The staff are very happy with the calf’s development. She has put on more than 30 kg and now stands close to two metres tall,” he said.

“Visitors to the new Savannah Outlook tower experience at Perth Zoo have been getting a great view of the latest addition.”

Perth Zoo is part of a regional giraffe breeding program and has successfully bred eight giraffes since 1995.

Fact File

  • Twiga was born at 5.30pm on 16 January 2012, weighing 72 kg and standing 180 cm tall.
  • Twiga’s mother, Misha, has given birth to seven of the eight Perth Zoo giraffe calves.
  • Misha was captured in famous ‘The Kiss’ photograph welcoming the first of those offspring, Makulu, into the world in 1995.



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