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2017 Achievements

As wildlife faces one of the biggest extinction crisis known to mankind, taking stock of the things we are achieving together is more important than ever before. With your help, we can continue to save wildlife.

Numbat at Perth Zoo
4,000th animal released into the wild
  • In 2017 the 4,000th animal bred or reared at our Zoo was released into the wild!
  • Almost one-third of the animals at Perth Zoo are involved in programs to bolster wild populations;
  • This includes running the only breeding programs in the world for Numbat and Dibbler;
  • Zoo breeding has also reversed the fate of the previously thought extinct Western Swamp Tortoise. More than 750 individuals have returned to their natural swamps.  

We are experts at native species breeding. 

Lion at Perth Zoo
1,400 animals were cared for
  • At the Zoo site, we cared for 1,400 animals from 169 species.
  • We opened the first half of a new $3.1 million African Lion Exhibit which will see us start to re-build our pride of lions in 2018;
  • Our vets saw, on average, 20 patients per day and treated a myriad of wild animals including more than 200 sick or injured wild black cockatoos and over 50 wild sea turtles caught up in unusual weather patterns along the WA coastline;
  • We also conducted 145 medical checks for confiscated reptiles on behalf of Parks and Wildlife and Australian Customs.

We are committed to animal care. 

Anti-poaching patrol in Africa
We helped save animals in the wild
  • Thanks to your donations, $300,000 went directly into saving animals and habitats in the wild.
  • Together we helped remove lethal snares from the African Plains;
  • Funded anti-poaching patrols in Africa and Sumatra;
  • Helped orphaned, ex-pet and illegally trafficked orangutans return to the wild;
  • Turned tree kangaroo hunters into protectors in PNG;
  • Helped fund Australia’s second largest predator proof fence to safeguard native wildlife;
  • Assisted bears caught up in illegal trafficking within SE Asia,
  • And funded a Wildlife Crime Analyst position to strategically fight wildlife trafficking and poaching.

Together we help save animals beyond the Zoo gates. 

Children at water fountain at Perth Zoo
Together we walked the talk
  • We recycled 200 tonnes of materials;
  • We diverted 58,000 single use plastic water bottles from landfill by utilising the water refill stations located around the Zoo instead.
  • We produced enough power from our solar panels to generate the equivalent of 40 Australian homes for a year.

We are sustainable, together we lessened our environmental footprint.

School children having fun at Perth Zoo
We are breeding a passion for wildlife
  • Our school holiday programs sold out, welcoming 1,013 kids
  • More than 38,626 students partook in a school excursion at the Zoo
  • Our educational Zoo Camps sold out (1,429 kids)
  • We had 1,202 little people enrol in our A-Zoo program;
  • And we introduced a new program Keeper Kids to inspire animal loving 5, 6 and 7 year olds!
We are a living classroom