Welcome to Perth Zoo

It’s a big responsibility, ensuring the safety of all our animals and visitors. Sometimes we need to ask for your cooperation to help keep everyone—including yourself—safe.

Please remember the ten (Zoo) commandments –

  1. No smoking
  2. Do not feed (or harass) the animals
  3. You should keep your ticket
  4. We close at 5pm
  5. You can use images taken here for social media but not for commercial purposes
  6. Children must be supervised
  7. Stay out of animal & staff areas
  8. No sporting equipment, lasers or balloons
  9. Do not bring any animal into Perth Zoo (*Assistance animals excepted)
  10. No graffiti, advertising or spruiking
1. No smoking

Perth Zoo is 100% SmokeFree for the health and safety of our visitors, staff and animals. (Reg 21[i] [ii] – $2000 penalty)

2. Please do not feed the animals

Our animals have carefully balanced diets and their health can be seriously impacted by being fed human (or any other!) foods. Feeding the animals is against the law! And so is touching/disturbing any animal or throwing something into its enclosure. Penalties apply (Reg 12[i] [ii] [iii] – $600 penalty).

3. Keep your ticket

You must be able to produce your admission ticket on request (Reg 5[i][iv] – Penalty $600)

4. Time to go

You must not remain without permission in the Zoo after it has closed which is usually 5pm (sometimes 3pm for special evening events). (Reg 5[v] –  Pentalty: $600)

5. Commercial use of photos

You cannot publish, broadcast or reproduce images and video you take at Perth Zoo without our permission or use them to promote goods or services (Reg 29 [i][ii] – $2000 penalty).  We make an exception for social media, and don't forget to tag Perth Zoo! 

6. Children must be supervised

Children under 12-years-of-age must be supervised at all times while in the Zoo and cannot enter without an accompanying adult (Reg 6[i] – $600 penalty)

7. Stay out of animal areas

We ask you to please stay out of the gardens, avoid ‘staff only’ and ‘no entry’ areas, and never to enter an animal exhibit or behind-the-scenes area without permission. (Reg 13 – $600 penalty)

8. No sporting equipment, lasers or balloons 

Perth Zoo is often crowded with visitors and animals. For everyone’s safety we ask you not to bring bicycles, skate-boards, scooters, balls, sporting equipment, lasers or balloons with you when you visit. (Reg 18 [i] [ii] – $600 penalty)

9. Do not bring an animal into Perth Zoo 

The only animals that should be inside Perth Zoo are ones that officially belong here. It is an offence to bring any animal into Perth Zoo without permission. (Reg 17 [i] [ii] – $2000 penalty)

10. No graffiti, advertising or spruiking 

It is an offence to graffiti Zoo property, post bills or place advertising around the Zoo without permission or use it for the purposes of public speaking. (Reg 24 [i] – $2000 penalty)


If you’re interested in the Zoo’s full T&Cs click here for the Zoological Parks Authority (2002) Regulations.

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