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Our family has expanded with the arrival of a Javan Gibbon baby boy and we need YOUR help to name him!

Javan Gibbons have fluffy, long silvery-grey fur, and very long arms and fingers to help them swing between the rainforest trees. Being omnivores, they love to nibble on fruits, leaves and sometimes nectar and grubs. They're the only gibbons species found in Java, Indonesia.

Sadly, they're also an endangered species.

As a very important ambassador for his wild cousins, our newest family member needs the perfect name. We've put our thinking caps on and have picked four Sundanese names for you to choose from. Now we just need YOU to to help us decided which name suits our youngest gibbon by voting below!

The naming competition closes Monday 25 May. 
Javan Gibbon Naming What should we name the new Javan Gibbon baby? The poll is closed.
'Hardi' meaning mountain
'Edi' meaning aesthetic beauty in nature
'Ace' meaning handsome
'Asta' meaning earth
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