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Our Animals

The animals and plants at Perth Zoo are from all corners of the globe. Find out more with these excellent and informative fact sheets and explore your world.

African Lion


Asian Elephant

It's all about the bass!


Blood rush!


20,000-a-day termite habit!

Plains Zebra

It's all a blur!

Southern White Rhinoceros

Ummm... not white?

Sumatran Orangutan

The Voice!

Sumatran Tiger

Water-loving cat!

African Painted Dog

Contradictory canine!

Asian Small-clawed Otter

Nanna nap pros!

Australasian Shoveler

Shovel by name and by nature!

Australian Pelican

Ginormous gulper!

Australian Tarantula

Rustle then wrestle!

Baudin's Cockatoo

Tough love!


Expert Excavator!


Butt-ered popcorn!