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Charles Darwin Trail (Years 8–12)

Charles Darwin produced intricate drawings of the flora and fauna he encountered during his legendary voyage which has become of great importance for later studies. Just like Darwin, you will be asked to study features of birds, tortoises and turtles while on this self-guided trail around the Zoo. You will also need to produce scientific drawings. Make your drawings as neat and accurate as possible. Remember to label relevant points of interest and include an approximate scale.

Charles Darwin Self-guided Trail (PDF)

Charles Darwin Trail Teacher Support Pack (PDF)

Wipe for Wildlife Class Packs

Your bum may be guilt-free at home but what about at school? Imagine how many trees and wildlife you could save if your whole school was wiping for wildlife!

Students could:

  • find out what toilet paper and hand-towels their school uses
  • set up a project to compare prices of what is used now to recycled alternatives and see if they can save your school money as well as trees
  • prepare a presentation for their school assembly
  • prepare a business case for their school council
  • write an article for the school newsletter
  • conduct an audit to see what other paper products the school could change to recycled.

Contact us for a special Wipe for Wildlife school pack including information on recycled toilet paper, Wipe for Wildlife pledge sheets, posters and stickers. 

Fauna-Friendly Garden Ideas

Looking for a way to improve your local environment and introduce some native fauna into your garden? Visit our Fauna-Friendly Garden page for handy hints and tips

Animal Fact Sheet

Visit the Animal section for information sheets, photos, video and audio relating to more than 100 animals found at Perth Zoo.

Activity Sheets

Download any of the following awesome colouring-in and activity sheets.

Or, dig back through the Kids Biz archive for lots of fantastic animal activities below.

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