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Bring your Year 11 and 12 students to see Biology, Human Biology and Psychology in action with real-life examples facilitated by one of our experienced Zoo educators!

All onsite education experiences cost $14 per student. Online education experiences are $50 per session.

The Cold Shoulder

With a Perth Zoo educator, students investigate structural features, behavioural responses and physiological mechanisms that help animals maintain a relatively constant internal environment. 
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Brilliant Biodiversity

Students investigate measurements of biodiversity, different monitoring techniques, current threats and Western Australian conservation action including Perth Zoo’s involvement in recovery plans.
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Past and Present Primates

Students examine why humans are classified as ‘Primates’ and the evolutionary trends within this order. Comparative anatomy, physiology and behaviour are used to identify the similarities and differences between the Hominidae (Great Ape) family. We also explore some traits of early hominins.
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Hisss-teria: Psychology in Action

Students discover how the principles of learning have been applied to the care and management of Perth Zoo’s animals. The use of case studies delivered by a Perth Zoo educator will provide real world examples of the theories your students have be investigating.
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Highly Classified

During this virtual experience, students will explore how classification helps to analyse, organise and communicate biodiversity data. Through interacting with a Perth Zoo educator, students will discover how classification is based on differences and relatedness.
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Discovering Australia: EAL

Suitable for English as an Additional Language students of all ages. Students will discover Australian animals through hands-on activities and learn what makes our animals so unique. Plenty of opportunity for both group discussion and photos.
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