Welcome to Perth Zoo

Bring your Year 4 to 6 class for a fun day out and have a Perth Zoo educator deliver an education experience to remember. 

The perfect age to engage kids in the higher concepts around animal adaptations, threat processes, and biodiversity, and the difference they can make.

All programs cost $14 per student.

Asian Trek

Take a journey through the Asian Rainforest and discover the incredible diversity of life that is found there. Identify the animal adaptations and interactions required to survive in this unique environment.

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African Safari

Come on safari and experience the struggle for survival in the African Savannah. Investigate adaptations and strategies to improve an animal’s ability to eat and avoid being eaten.

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Aussie Adventure

Explore the unique and well-adapted Australian animals that call the bush their home. Learn how humans and other factors have affected each animal and how scientific discoveries are helping to ensure their long-term survival.

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Discovering Australia - EAL

Discover Australian animals through hands-on activities and learn what makes our animals so unique. Plenty of opportunity for both group discussion and photos. Suitable for English as an Additional Language students of all ages. 

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Zoo Fest

Celebrate the end of the school year Zoo style! Like a true wildlife detective, join us at Zoo Fest to follow the clues to learn all about the tracks and traces that animals leave. 

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