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Years 4 to 6

The perfect age to engage kids in the higher concepts around animal adaptations, threat processes, and biodiversity, and the difference they can make.

Going… Going… Gone?

(Years 4 to 6)

The south-west of Western Australia is a biodiversity hotspot which needs our protection. Students take on the role of a native species in a high-energy game of survival. They also investigate key threatening processes in the region and how to create fauna-friendly habitats for local wildlife.

Cost: $13.25 per student, GST exempt 

Animal Allsorts

(Years 4 to 6)

A fantastic opportunity to investigate different ways to group and classify animals, such as habitat, body structure or behaviour. Students investigate why classification is an essential tool for animal conservation.

Cost: $13.25 per student, GST exempt 

African Safari 

(Years 4 to 6)

Come on safari and experience the struggle for survival in the African Savannah. Investigate adaptations and strategies to improve an animal’s ability to eat and avoid being eaten.

Cost: $13.25 per student, GST exempt 

Aussie Walkabout

(Years 5 to 6)

Explore the many unique and well-adapted Australian animals that call the bush their home. Learn how humans and other factors have affected each animal and how scientific discoveries are helping to ensure their long-term survival.

Cost: $13.25 per student, GST exempt 

Teaming with Wildlife

(Years 5 to 6, Duration: 1.5 hours)

A unique and fun way to strengthen leadership, confidence and teamwork with your students in a safe and inspiring environment. Students will get to know each other through a shared series of challenges focusing on confidence, communication, cooperation, problem solving, decision-making and – of course – conservation.

Cost: $16.00 per student, GST exempt


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