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Zoonique has a vast range of wildlife-related products including jewellery, toys and soft animals, games, books, homewares and gifts, clothing, baby products and unique Perth Zoo merchandise like Ele Art, SnareWare and Creature Compost.

  • OPEN 9am – 5pm, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-per-year.
  • Find us just inside the entry/exit to the Zoo.
  • Not visiting? No problem. Just ask for your ‘Zoo Shopper’ pass at the ticket office.
  • Seen something you like on the website? Order it over the phone +61 8 9474 0367.
  • Zoo Friends members receive a 10% discount of all non-sale items at Zoonique. Join Zoo Friends today.


Giraffe Keeper polo shirt, Perth Zoo hat, explorer kit
Little Explorer

Bucket Hat $12.00, Giraffe Keeper Polo Shirt $39.95, 3 piece Explorer Playset $16.95

Backpack, Perth Zoo drink bottle and hat, sunglasses
Out and About

Safari Backpack $39.95, Rainbow Monkey $18.95, Drink Bottle $14.95, Kids Sunglasses $9.50, Hat $44.95, Notebook $11.95, Binoculars $10.95

Assortment of dinosaur toys
Zoorassic Toys

Diprotodon $69.95, Dinomite $21.95 Dinomite Mini $16.95, Dinosaur Night Light $15.95, Dinosaur Coffee Mug $29.00

Assortment of soft toys
Plush Toys

Rhino $53.95, Chameleon $15.95, Peacock $22.95, Giraffe $35.95, Tiger $52.50

Plush toys - snake, panda, parrot, frog
Plush Toys

Sherbert Snake $$19.95, Panda $48.95, Tree Frog $25.95, Parrot $16.95

Dinosaur Keeper shirt
Dinosaur Keeper Shirt

Shirt $39.95

Dinosaur Mug available from Zoonique
Dinosaur Mug

Mug $15

Zoorassic Park T-shirt available from Zoonique
Zoorassic Park T-shirt

Adult $35, Child $29

an assortment of children's books available at Perth Zoo

Squawk in the Jungle $19.95, Zoo Train Puzzle Book $9.95, Patterns Stripes $13.00, Dingo $26.95, Noisy Jungle $17.00, Animals of the World $22.50

Various Schleich figurines
Schleich Figurines

The enormously popular Schleich range features animals and figures from a variety of play worlds including farm life, wildlife and prehistoric animals. Elephant $19.99, Giraffe $18.99, Panda $16.99, Tiger $18.99, Lioness $16.99

Perth Zoo Souvenir Book
Souvenir Book

Take the Zoo home with you. This stunning publication took out two 2017 Gold Print Awards. Price: $11.95

Fair trade homewares from Perth Zoo
Fair Trade Homewares

Recycled Glass Elephant $90.95, Elephant Stem Wine Glass $33.95, Tea Pot $61.95, Giraffe figurine $39.95, Wire Bowl $58.95, Giraffe Salad Servers $24.95

A selection of gifts for men including a tie, wallet, flask, pen
Gifts for Him

Kangaroo Emblem Wallet $19.95, Hip Flask $41.95, Outback Pride Chutney $8.95, Kangaroo Tie $38.95, Perth Zoo Shot Glass $6.95, Gold Leaf Pen $59.95, African Dog Figurine $69.00, Keyring $26.95

A selection of gifts for women including Firi Firi Colour Wire Earrings, Community Projects Kapada Hoop Earrings, Paua Gold plated Bracelet
Gifts for Her

Animal Art Soap $15.00, Community Projects Kapada Hoop Earrings $22.95, Firi Firi Colour Wire Earrings $20.00, Paua Gold Plated Bracelet $106.00, Painted Bangle $16.95, Elephant Brooch $16.95, Zoo Espresso Cup $8.95

Three paintings by Tricia the elephant and her souvenir book
Tricia the Asian Elephant

Souvenir Book $10.95, Double Kiss Painting $90.00, Brush Paintings $85

Elephant Kiss Painting from Perth Zoo
Ele Art

Ele Kisses and Ele Paintings - all in a variety of colours for you to choose from and all with individual personality.


A bag of Creature Compost
Creature Compost

Lovingly produced with the cooperation of our most productive residents, Creature Compost is an exclusive, high-quality compost made from the waste from Perth Zoo’s animals and gardens.

snare ware

The perfect conservation-conscious gift that helps save African wildlife. Turning survival threat into a survival booster! Authentic African jewellery made from confiscated snare-traps.

Perth Zoo Hat, Pen, Coffee Mug, Oven Mitt
Perth Zoo

Cap $24.95, Oven Mitt $8.95, Travel Coffee Mug $24.95, Pen $4.00

Wooden toys available at Perth Zoo
Wooden Toys

Lion 3D Puzzle $8.95, Fair Trade Wooden Animal $14.95

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