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Two lionesses sitting on the grass
Big Hopes for Big Cats

• Perth Zoo’s completed lion breeding facility officially opens
• Two new lionesses arrived at Perth Zoo

African Painted Dog looking inside carved pumpkin.
Halloween Treats Enrich Animals at Perth Zoo

The spookiest day of the year was also one of the most engaging for the animals at Perth Zoo as they were treated to Halloween-themed enrichment activities.

Vet's hands holding tiger's paw. Photo by Alex Asbury
Vet Check for Perth Zoo Tiger

Critically endangered Sumatran Tiger, ‘Jaya’ was given a thorough health check by Perth Zoo vets today.

WA Environment Minister and Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs Roar to Life at Perth Zoo

Life-sized dinosaurs have joined the animals at Perth Zoo to help raise awareness about species extinction.

Asian Elephant wearing blanket, with keeper close by.
Tricia Receives Specially Designed Blanket for Winter

Perth Zoo’s elderly Asian Elephant, Tricia has started wearing a jumbo sized blanket just in time for the winter solstice, to help keep her warm as the temperature drops.

Sumatran Orangutan Puan, looking to the side. Photo by Derick Smith
Perth Zoo Farewells Oldest Sumatran Orangutan in the World

Perth Zoo has farewelled ‘Puan’ the oldest Sumatran Orangutan in the world.

Photo by Alex Cearns
Perth Zoo Celebrates World Otter Day With a Litter of Pups

In celebration of World Otter Day, Perth Zoo’s newest litter of four Asian Small-clawed Otter pups were given their first veterinary check today.

tree kangaroo sitting on branch with joey in pouch
Perth Zoo Welcomes A Tree Kangaroo Joey

Perth Zoo is celebrating the birth of an endangered Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo joey, named ‘Suli’.

Photo by Alex Asbury
Easter Fun for Perth Zoo Animals

Perth Zoo’s animals enjoyed an early Easter treat with specially made, colourful papier mache eggs, filled with surprises.

Photo by Alex Asbury and Alex Cearns
Jumbo Celebrations for Perth Zoo Matriarchs

Perth Zoo is celebrating birthday milestones for two of its oldest residents today, ‘Tricia’ the Asian Elephant and ‘Puan’ the Sumatran Orangutan.