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New Parrots Settled in at Perth Zoo

We’ve got some new parrots on the patch – Western Ground Parrots that is!

dingo on walk
Dingoes' Birthday Walk

Happy birthday to Yowuuuuuuu!

gibbon hanging onto overhead ropes
International Women’s Day

Did you know more than 70% of the employees at Perth Zoo are women? We hope the experiences of our three female Supervisors of Zoology will help inspire you not only for International Women’s Day, but also to join us on the Saving Wildlife journey!

A Little Penguin standing under a rock at Perth Zoo preening itself.
World Wildlife Day

The 2019 theme for World Wildlife Day is 'Life below water: for people and planet’ to remind us all how critical marine (salt water) ecosystems are to our life on land.

Binturong and Zoo Keeper
Wild Love

For some February 14th is the most romantic day of the year, but here at Perth Zoo every day is about ‘love’.

Lancelin Island Skink. Photo by Alex Asbury
Special Little Skink

Meet Lance. He’s a little known but very important member of the Perth Zoo family.

Saving Wildlife Resolutions

As we get to set to welcome in 2019 many of us have started thinking of life-changing improvements we could make for the New Year.

Coati watching closely as keeper hands pour a special custard on to a frozen fruit block. Photo by Alex Asbury
Christmas Surprises at Perth Zoo

A few of the animals at Perth Zoo have already started enjoying some early Christmas surprises as part of their regular enrichment program.

Vet checking on Sugar Glider joey
The Sweetest Things

Our Vet Department see all kinds of creatures through their door, scaly, feathery and furry, but it is hard to find patients sweeter than baby Sugar Glider twins!

Crocodile in the water
Perth Zoo Farewells their Estuarine Crocodile

Perth Zoo has said farewell to one of their oldest animals, Estuarine Crocodile, Simmo, who passed away in his exhibit yesterday.