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Animals Endangered by Superstitions

It’s not just Friday the 13th plagued by superstitions, several animals have been threatened by false beliefs around the world.

Permai in Pool
Pool Play for Permai

When the weather warms up you may see one of our largest Perth Zoo residents splashing around in the water.

Numbat Joey
Joy for Joeys on National Threatened Species Day

It was on this day in 1936 that Australia said farewell to the very last Tasmanian Tiger. Behind the scenes of Perth Zoo a new generation of joeys is bringing hope for preventing the endangered Numbat and Dibbler from facing the same fate.

Mural and Artist
Mural of Hope for Western Ground Parrot

Expressing his love for wildlife with a paintbrush, artist Brenton See has created a mural for one of our country’s rarest birds, here at Perth Zoo.

Anna with mud samples
Making Mud Pies for… Frogs!

Sometimes science can be downright dirty stuff! This National Science Week, find out why we are literally playing with mud.

Carnaby's Cockatoos in Gingin
A Return to the Wild at Gingin for Endangered Cockatoos

Watching as the last Carnaby’s Cockatoo hesitantly left his carry cage before quickly taking flight into the darkening sky, was a special moment to witness.

Gorilla Statue on Bench
Meet the Artist Behind the Gorilla Statue

It was back in 1990 when Zoo visitors were first introduced to a statue of a gorilla and baby, since then there have been countless photos taken with it. Perhaps you have one yourself?

Tricia practicing wearing a blanket
Tricia Treated to Giant Blanket

A jumbo sized blanket is being designed to help Tricia, Perth Zoo’s elderly Asian Elephant ward off the winter chill.

Vet and Flatback Turtle
Four Rare Turtle Patients at Perth Zoo

Two endangered Loggerhead Turtles and two rare Flatback Turtles are recuperating at Perth Zoo after being found in poor condition on various WA beaches.

Mother koala with her joey.
Baby Boondi

Over the last month, Perth Zoo’s visitors have delighted in seeing the tiny face of one of our newest arrivals peeking out from the branches of the koala exhibit in the Australian Bushwalk.