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World Elephant Day at Perth Zoo. Photo by Alex Cearns
Go Grey for Gentle Giants

In the lead up to World Elephant Day on August 12th, Perth Zoo is ‘going grey.’ Senior Elephant Keeper, Kirsty Carey, tells us why she wants everyone to get involved and show their support for these gentle giants!

Artist painting mural
New Mural Tells Story of Creation

Come visit us during NAIDOC week to see the new Aboriginal mural in Perth Zoo’s Australian Bushwalk and take a visual journey back to the Dreamtime.

Quokka joey with one paw up
Little Quokka Joey Growing Up in the Bushwalk

In the Australian Bushwalk at the Zoo there is one member of our Quokka group that may stand out from the others, our young joey that still has some growing to do!

Forrest Red-tailed Black Cockatoo sitting on perch in bird cage.
Cockatoo Has a Lucky Break with Perth Zoo Vets

A wild Forest Red-tailed Cockatoo was recently treated by Perth Zoo’s vets for a severe leg fracture, following a collision with a car.

Emperor Tamarin baby
Emperors Arrive at Perth Zoo

Mini-moustached monkeys are the latest arrivals at Perth Zoo, which is experiencing a baby boom at the moment!

Slow Loris
Slow Lorises at Perth Zoo

We recently welcomed two Slow Lorises, who have come to Perth Zoo as ‘Ambassador Animals’ for their species.

Giraffe Calf
We Have a Giraffe Calf

We have a new Zoo family member! Yesterday at 5:29pm we were delighted to welcome into the world a female giraffe calf born to mother, Kitoto and bull, Armani.

Roaring for Big Cats on World Wildlife Day

This Saturday (March 3rd) marks World Wildlife Day and the theme this year is “Big cats, predators under threat.” Tigers are one of those big cats facing a huge population decline, 95% over the last 100 years!

Paddy and Cerdik
Otter-ly in Love

This Valentine’s Day we thought we would feature one of our most adorable couples at Perth Zoo. Forget Romeo and Juliet, we have Paddy and Cerdik, our Asian Small-clawed Otters, and we are certain their romance will have a far happier ending.

Sweet Life for Sun Bears

It’s no lie that bears like honey! This morning, Jamran and Bopha, our two resident Sun Bears were buzzing with excitement when they discovered a bounty of honeycomb in their exhibit.