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Paddy and Cerdik
Otter-ly in Love

This Valentine’s Day we thought we would feature one of our most adorable couples at Perth Zoo. Forget Romeo and Juliet, we have Paddy and Cerdik, our Asian Small-clawed Otters, and we are certain their romance will have a far happier ending.

Sweet Life for Sun Bears

It’s no lie that bears like honey! This morning, Jamran and Bopha, our two resident Sun Bears were buzzing with excitement when they discovered a bounty of honeycomb in their exhibit.

Wendy Blakely
Painted Dog Conservation Artisans

What do you think this is made from? Copper? Barbed wire (getting closer)…

Vic and Pepe
Meet Perth Zoo's Ambassador Cockatoos

It’s a very special day for our feathered friends today, National Bird Day*. A perfect opportunity to introduce you to two of our ambassador birds, Pepe and Vic.

Hsing Hsing
Zoo Saddened By Passing of ‘HSING HSING’ The Orangutan

Perth Zoo has been saddened by the passing over the weekend of ‘Hsing Hsing’, the oldest male Sumatran Orangutan in the Zoo’s colony.

baby tamarin sitting on Dad's back
Mo Wonder During Mo-vember

The patriarch of Perth Zoo’s tamarin family is turning heads, not just for his impressive moustache, but also due to the adorable baby tamarin seen clinging to his back.

An Update on Ellie the Giraffe

It's been two months since Ellie the Giraffe arrived at Perth Zoo after an epic four day road trip from Australia Zoo in Queensland.

Caring for Orangutans

The Perth Zoo family includes a lot of red heads…10 Sumatran Orangutans to be precise. They’re all individuals, with fascinating personalities, from cheeky 5-year-olds to a wise and stubborn 61-year-old.

Hawksbill Turtle eating squid
Wild Move for Flo

After three months a very special patient at Perth Zoo, Flo the Hawksbill Turtle, has finally moved one step closer to his return to the wild!

Permai in Pool
Animals Endangered by Superstitions

It’s not just Friday the 13th plagued by superstitions, several animals have been threatened by false beliefs around the world.