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Close up photo of orangutan face
Rumble in the Jungle

Sometimes the most important lessons we learn in life are the ones we end up learning the hard way. An apt statement to describe the wild jungle lessons our orangutan Nyaru is learning.

Perth Zoo Welcomes Echidna Puggle

Perth Zoo has unveiled a spikey new addition, a Short-Beaked Echidna puggle.

Vultures and African Painted Dogs. Photo by Painted Dog Conservation Inc
Hope for a Species Under Siege

Far from Perth Zoo, a scarred but lucky young African Painted Dog aptly named ‘Lucky’ now lives in a Zimbabwe rehabilitation centre enjoying a second chance at life.

Perth Zoo Showcased to the World on Facebook TV

In a world-first collaboration, Western Australia’s iconic zoo, Perth Zoo, will be showcased to an international audience thanks to a collaboration with Facebook Watch and digital publisher, ZooBorns.

Porcupette's Born at Perth Zoo

It’s one prickly baby, an African Cape Porcupine!

Baby Pebble Dragon
Perth Zoo's Luck Dragon

Meet our ‘Luck Dragon’, a tiny Pebble Dragon baby who was saved from the illegal wildlife trade.

gibbon sitting with a zoo keeper
Big Journey For a Little Ape

Last week I flew from Perth to Melbourne with two gibbons, completing a very long journey that started many years go with Lily, one special little ape.

Let’s re-think ‘the zoo’

A childhood trip to the zoo used to be a beloved rite of passage, but increasingly some people are beginning to feel uncomfortable with zoos.

Perth Zoo Asian Elephant Permai holding a guide.
Elephants in our care

Perth Zoo is currently being targeted by a group of people who claim to care about elephants, yet know little about our elephants or their individual needs. Many of the claims being made are inflammatory, baseless and completely contradict the way we care for the animals at Perth Zoo.

Perth Zoo staff member using creature compost
Perth Zoo's creatures help gardens grow wild

Perth Zoo is offering gardeners the opportunity to welcome an elephant, rhino or lion into their backyards to help their gardens grow wild.