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Offsite Activities

Bring to the Zoo to YOU!

Need to add some WOW factor to your next event?

Book one of our engaging and popular off-site activities to entertain your guests.

From shopping centres and corporate events, to family fun days - our team come fully equipped with solutions which accommodate all budgets and entertainment requirements.

Discovery and Learning Penguin game at Perth Zoo
Zoo Games

Test your skills with a variety of Zoo Games. How many animals can you make with our giant tangrams?

Can you keep our penguins safe from peril by bowling over their threats?

Sunset Frog Roaming Zoo Character from Perth Zoo
Roaming Zoo Characters

Let our roaming Zoo characters add some extra pizzazz to your next event.

We've got a range of costumes available including a koala, sunset frog and chuditch.

Junior Wild Vets Hospital at Perth Zoo
Junior Wild Vet Hospital

Children enter the world of a Zoo Vet through role play. Dressed up in scrubs, they’ll examine their animal patient and provide them world-class care, from bandaging a giraffe’s sore leg to bottle feeding an orphaned orangutan.

Perth Zoo Keeper performance
Patch and his family find a new home

During this interactive performance children help our very important Western Swamp Tortoise Patch and his keeper from Perth Zoo find a habitat where his babies can live happily and safely.

Zoolympics performance at Perth Zoo

Join our Team Coach in a fun and interactive performance showcasing special animal talents. Children will discover who in the Zoo has the title of ‘Best Sniffer’ or ‘Longest Leaper’ and how their skills and special talents compare.

Dinosaur Discovery performance at Perth Zoo
Dinosaur Discovery

Through this interactive performance, participants help scientists track down dinosaurs, learn about the adaptations they share with present day animals and most importantly, find out what we can do to prevent future extinctions.