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Visitor Facilities

We’ve got more than just animals! Perth Zoo has a full range of modern facilities to make your visit comfortable, easy and enjoyable.

Information Hub

The Information Hub (just inside the entrance) is available until 3pm and can get your visit started with details of daily presentations, exhibits and animals. Our friendly volunteers are only too happy to give you directions or a map…or insider tips on the latest animal news!


There are eight toilet facilities available for visitor use and clearly marked on signage and the Zoo map. Seven facilities include accessible toilets (*excluding the old toilets at the very top of the Zoo). On arrival, the nearest visitor toilets are just behind the Information Hub.

Parenting Facilities

Dedicated change & feed facilities (including microwaves) are available next to the Information Hub, Main Lawn, and Nocturnal House (which also has a private and separate baby-feed courtyard behind the parenting room). Accessible toilets at other locations also include fold down change-tables suited to children.

Wagon Hire

To help you get small children around the Zoo, we hire two-seater, children’s pull-along wagons (max weight 25kg) from the front entrance at a cost of $13 for the whole day.


Don’t lug your picnic belongings around with you (or leave them to be investigated by clever ravens!). Secure lockers located at the old train station (to the right of the Information Hub) are just $6 per use (cash or credit card) and include sizes large enough for most eskies.

Locker dimensions:

  • 440mm wide
  • 860mm high
  • 465mm deep

Get your Mary Poppins on! Delight the kids with a spin on Perth Zoo’s fully-restored, historic carousel, running from 11:00am to 3:00pm every day ($4 per child/ride). Enjoy a coffee from shady comfort nearby or grab a couple of pictures as they whiz by.

Scene to Believe

Why let your memories of a great day at the Zoo fade when you can keep it alive with a fantastic, superimposed novelty photograph in a range of exciting animal scenes. The best kind of wildlife selfie, ever, with zero risk and the printed photo is ready in minutes. Look for it as you enter or exit the Zoo.