Welcome to Perth Zoo

Beat the ticking timer as you travel across Africa, Asia and Australia – the various parts of Perth Zoo – to be the first to complete the Zoo Tycoon’s Challenge Trail.

Go on safari to discover how cooperative team-work is critical to the survival of a variety of African species. Journey through an Asian rainforest and see how adaptability and flexibility helps jungle species exist. Go walkabout with some Australian animal icons to see how they utilise their strengths to survive.

Through this organised but informal expedition across the Zoo, teams are encouraged to think about what good teamwork is, their individual skills and how their own teams work. It is a fun and fit way to enjoy the Zoo’s expansive grounds and observe the survival traits evolved by a range of zoo animals.

So, put your guests in teams, set a timeframe and get your participants thinking about good teamwork.

In Short

Works best: as a brain-break in a full day of corporate training/conferencing, paired at the start/end of a half-day booking or anytime during a corporate picnic.

Team Size: Minimum of 2 people

Boost: Strategic thinking, effective communication and teamwork

Bonus: Learn about Zoo facts and conservation

Time Required: Anywhere from 1-2 hours

Cost: $5 per person (Zoo admission not included – unless you have booked a full-day conference centre event)

Room Hire: Conference Centre hire can be arranged before or after your session

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