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From an original elephant painting masterpiece to striking wild photography of Perth Zoo animals, there is something special that can adorn your walls and also help save wildlife!

Elephant Art

Elephants are natural artists. They are well known to doodle in the dirt with sticks. Ele Art is a stunning by-product of Perth Zoo’s enrichment program for elephants. Our enrichment program involves a wide array of behavioural and physical activities that keep our elephants stimulated and their days varied and interesting.

The paints used are animal friendly and are 100% non-toxic. Each piece is an original and no two pieces are ever the same. Each elephant has their own painting ‘signature’, painting with their own distinctive style.

Funds raised from the sale of each masterpiece helps Perth Zoo protect one of the last remaining herds of Sumatran Elephants in the world within the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem.

How is the elephant art produced?

Our elephants take part in exercise and enrichment programs to keep them physically and mentally healthy, with painting being one of their enrichment activities. All of our enrichment programs are assessed by veterinary teams and zoologists using an animal welfare framework.

Ele Spray Painting

The elephants know how to pick up water and spray themselves down. They do this to cool themselves down. Our elephant team have slightly modified that natural behaviour to allow us to do the spray paintings.

Ele Brush Painting

Elephants know how to draw in the sand with sticks and rocks and our team has slightly modified this behaviour to drawing on the easel.

Ele Kiss Painting

One of the most popular of our elephant artwork range, our resident artists pucker up and give you a kiss to remember – on paper of course!

Ele Footprint

These original footprints get a BIG stamp of approval from our Eles! Ele footprints are so artistic, they can almost be mistaken for a botanical plant. Put a couple of tonne on your wall – it will be a talking point.


Purchase Ele Art

Visit our Zoo Shop to choose from a range of Elephant Art. If you’re looking for something a little different, arrange an appointment by calling: 9474 0444 or email wildart@perthzoo.wa.gov.au


A5 Spray or brush $55
A5 Kiss $85
A4 Spray or brush $85
A4 Double Kiss $110
Triple Kiss with Spray $295
A3 Spray or brush $231
A2 Spray, Brush or Footprint $565
A1 Spray or brush $822
Jumbo Spray or Brush
(1,300 x 700)

Photographic Art

A range of stunning limited-edition animal images by renowned, award-winning photographer Alex Cearns and talented Perth Zoo photographers with proceeds from all sales going towards helping Perth Zoo protect wildlife!

Photo by Alex Cearns

Photo by Alex Cearns

Photo by Alex Cearns

Purchase Photographic Art

A range of stunning limited-edition animal images by renowned, award-winning animal photographer Alex Cearns and Perth Zoo photographers.

Order Today

Unframed $39
A4 Photograph $85
A3 Photograph $231
A2 Photograph $565
A1 Photograph $822

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