Perth Zoo is dedicated to saving wildlife and introduces the community to the wonder of animal species from around the world. We participate in a global community that breeds animals for wildlife conservation and we raise funds to support our work. Research at Perth Zoo directly supports efforts to conserve wildlife in their natural habitat and also supports our commitment to the good health of Perth Zoo’s animals.

Jungle School, Sumatra

Perth Zoo saves wildlife in Sumatra, Indonesia

Perth Zoo saves wildlife in Sumatra, Indonesia. Jungle School is a program which prepares orphaned and pet Sumatran Orangutans for release into the wild, supporting their dwindling population.

Conservation medicine

Stimson Python in Quarantine at the Perth Zoo Veterinary Department.

You may not see the work of the veterinary department when you visit Perth Zoo but it plays a very important role behind the scenes. Perth Zoo has its own on-site veterinary hospital which sees everything from lions and lizards to birds and bears.

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