The modern zoo is much more than a place to go and see animals. Perth Zoo is dedicated to conservation and all that entails. Research at Perth Zoo links directly into the conservation of native and exotic species to ensure the survival of species in the wild and the continued good health of our animals. Find out what Perth Zoo is doing to help animals and the environment.

Native Species Breeding Program

A Western Swamp Tortoise hatchling.

The Native Species Breeding Program is the central focus for many of the captive breeding and research projects concerned with the conservation of Western Australian fauna.

Perth Zoo Veterinary Department

Stimson Python in Quarantine at the Perth Zoo Veterinary Department.

You may not see the work of the veterinary department when you visit Perth Zoo but it plays a very important role behind the scenes. Perth Zoo has its own on-site veterinary hospital which sees everything from lions and lizards to birds and bears.

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