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Walks and Talks

E.g., 23/02/2017
Bull Elephant Talk & Enrichment

Four-tonne, super-smart and as hormonal as a teenager. A challenging mix.

Numbat Talk

This tiny marsupial has a 20,000-a-day termite habit!

Orangutan Talk

There are five key principles for orangutan survival – could you graduate Jungle School?

Guided Walk

Get the most from your visit with a free guided walk!

Reptile Talk and Encounter

Say g’day to some of our scaly mates.

Amazonia Talk

Journey into deepest, darkest Peru…

Primate Talk

All monkeys are primates, but not all primates are monkeys!

Crocodile Talk

Crocodiles only eat once a month in winter. Is today his lucky day?

Elephant Talk & Enrichment Activity

Big, beautiful and busy.

Rhinoceros Talk

This guy loves to wallow in it…

Koala and Tasmanian Devil

One talk, two iconic Aussie species.

Penguin Talk & Feed

Tuxedoed torpedos!