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Walks and Talks

E.g., 24/03/2017
Bull Elephant Talk & Enrichment

Four-tonne, super-smart and as hormonal as a teenager. A challenging mix.

Numbat Talk

This tiny marsupial has a 20,000-a-day termite habit!

Orangutan Talk

There are five key principles for orangutan survival – could you graduate Jungle School?

Guided Walk

Get the most from your visit with a free guided walk!

Reptile Talk and Encounter

Say g’day to some of our scaly mates.

Amazonia Talk

Journey into deepest, darkest Peru…

Crocodile Talk

Crocodiles only eat once a month in winter. Is today his lucky day?

Elephant Talk & Enrichment Activity

Big, beautiful and busy.

Rhinoceros Talk

This guy loves to wallow in it…

Tasmanian Devil

Meet one of our great Aussie icons.

Penguin Talk & Feed

Tuxedoed torpedos!


Join this selfie celebrity


Meet one of our great Aussie icons.