Welcome to Perth Zoo

Our research mission is to significantly contribute to the conservation of threatened species through applied scientific research. We collaborate with various universities and external researchers to increase collective knowledge of the natural world.

Perth Zoo has fostered research for many years. Our position of importance in Perth, the expertise of our staff and the conservation/environmental imperatives facing our world ensure that the Zoo is well-placed to take a lead role as a conservation, research and learning institution.

Reproductive Biology Unit

Aims to contribute new findings, develop new procedures, understand reproductive disease, maximise breeding conditions and effectively increase the ability for zoos around the world to achieve breeding success.

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Veterinary Services

You may not see the work of the veterinary department when you visit Perth Zoo but it plays a very important role behind the scenes.

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Research Opportunities

The Zoo strives for scientific excellence, encourages diversity of thinking and fosters strategic collaborations to further our research goals.

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Animal Ethics

Perth Zoo has established an Animal Ethics Committee that considers and approves all aspects of research and animal husbandry involving animals at Perth Zoo.

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Past Research Collaborations

Perth Zoo actively encourages and offers opportunities for research projects to be conducted on its premises (including undergraduate, post-graduate and post-doctoral research projects).

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