Welcome to Perth Zoo

So much to see, no idea where to begin?

We’ve suggested a few of itineraries to help make sure you pack the most into your day and take your next visit from good to zoo-mazing!

Perth Zoo Keeper Sally's Top Tips

  • Animals in the African Savannah love to snooze throughout the day. Always keep an eye out for a swishing tail or flicking ear – particularly in the habitat’s shadiest areas.
  • Most animals are skilled at camouflage; I like to make it a game to see who can spot the animal first!
  • For an EXTRA special, and out of the world experience, I really recommend you book a Giraffe Close Encounter ahead of your visit. It’s a super affordable way to level up your day, and there’s nothing like being eye level with a giraffe!

Keeper Sally's Tips for the African Savannah

9:00am – Arrive at the Zoo bright and early, ready to head straight into the African Savannah. Don’t forget to load your bag with plenty of snacks and water, and wear your best walking shoes!

9:15am – First up is the pack of African Painted Dogs – they tend to be quite active when first let out of bed. Make sure to take advantage of both viewing points to watch them run and explore, and listen out for their bird-like squeaks.

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Perth Zoo Keeper Mel's Top Tips

  • Listen out for sounds in the Primate Trail. Sometimes the teeny tiny primates can be heard before they’re seen!
  • Take your time on a visit, it’s not a race! The slower you move the more you’ll see and keep your eyes peeled for trees and plants rustling.
  • Make sure you check out the Keeper Talks. They are a huge value add to a visit and you’ll learn so much about both the animals who live at the zoo and their cousins living in the wild.  

Keeper Mel's Tips for Visiting Primates

10:00am – After heading through the gates it’s time to grab a coffee! A very important tip for this part of the day is to bring your own reusable cup, it’s an easy way to do your little bit for the environment.

10:15am – With my coffee in hand, time to take a relaxing stroll over to the Main Lake. Here, I like to sit down, enjoy my coffee and watch the Javan Gibbons.

My top tip: look up as high as you can! Movement up in the tall trees means there’s a gibbon hiding up there and most people are surprised with how high they can climb.

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Perth Zoo Keeper Lisa's Top Tips

  • Always look up in the Asian Rainforest! A lot of these animals are excellent climbers and will spend time high up in the trees.
  • A tiger tip: if you think like Jaya, you’re more likely to see him! Be stealth, quiet and move slow.

Keeper Lisa's Tips for the Asian Rainforest

9:00am  –  Arrive at the gate and be ready to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind. There’s nothing more peaceful than being surrounded by the beautiful greenery in the Asian Rainforest!

First up on the list is Red Panda. It’s a big walk to get there, so you may want to stop and grab a coffee first.   

9:20am – After a nice relaxing stroll, it’s time to say hello to the Red Pandas. They eat breakfast in the morning, so if you’re lucky you’ll spot them climbing down the trees to get to their food, or already munching away on bamboo.
We have three gorgeous red pandas each in their own habitat – if you look up high in the trees you should be able to find a cute little ball of red fluff sleeping!

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