Welcome to Perth Zoo

So much to see, no idea where to begin? We’ve suggested a couple of itineraries to help make sure you pack the most into your day at Perth Zoo.

You can download any of these trails or collect a free printed copy from the Information Hub when you arrive.

Awesome Aussie Icons

This outback adventure ensures you see some of Australia’s most iconic species all before lunch!

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Hoof and Claw

Trek into the Asian Rainforest, through the cave-like Nocturnal House and along the dry riverbed of the African Savannah.

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Heritage Trail

Journey back in time to discover century-old historic features including some buildings still standing from the Zoo’s opening in 1898!

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Insider tips for the best Zoo experience!

We asked Zoo staff for their best 'insider tips' for a great Zoo experience. With so much on offer, it's easy to overlook some great (and often free!) opportunities.

Please note: There have been some operational changes in response to the global health situation which may affect some experiences.

Living in naturalistic exhibits full of trees, mounds and foliage allows the animals to interact with visitors or each other on their own terms. This helps assure their physical, psychological and social well-being. It also means that you may need to wait a little longer, watch more patiently and listen more keenly to spot some animals – just as though you were in the wild!

"Ride" a Zebra! 

You can’t miss our eight-seater zebra-themed electric vehicles as they cruise around the Zoo giving one-hour guided tours that make a Zoo visit extra memorable. Your guide can tailor a tour experience to suit you or you can leave yourself in their experienced hands and enjoy a relaxed tour.

Tours can be booked between 9:30am – 2:00pm daily and are $5 per adult or $4 per concession (babies/toddlers on laps are free). Minimum cost is $10.

Best Time of Day to See Animals

Just like people, zoo animals have different daily habits. Some are nocturnal, some are more active at dawn and dusk and some are very strictly on the day-shift! There’s no one, good time to see every animal at their perky best but here’s a guide:

  • Aussie species – They tend to be most active in the cool of morning and late afternoon and sleep away the hottest part of the day.
  • Carnivores – Having evolved to be active when their prey is, they’ll be most active in the first and last hours of Zoo opening times.
  • Primates – Their survival in the wild depends on them making a night-nest before it gets too dark. You’ll see some of ours impatiently waiting for access to their night-quarters around about 4pm.
  • Reptiles – Reptiles are sluggish in the cool of morning so that’s the best time for daily maintenance of the dangerous/venomous residents of the Reptile Encounter behind locked doors. Try back at 10am.
  • Creatures of the Night – We’ve reversed the lighting in the Nocturnal House so that you get to see the night-lovers out and about. But that means they are still a little sleepy as their (artificial) sun sets. They start getting busy from around 10am.
Feeding Times and Keeper Presentations 

We mix up our feeding times for the animals to ensure they don’t become habituated, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see the extra activity that usually comes with a feed.

Animals are mostly fed out there, on display, but if you don’t find yourself in the right place at the right time then make sure you go along to the Walks and Talks. Keepers will sometimes incorporate a snack in their presentation to make sure that the animals are front-and-centre.

Join a Walking Tour, FREE! 

Hit the trail with a volunteer guide (Docent) and learn all about some of the Zoo’s most popular residents. A great add-on to any Zoo visit, these are easy walks with lots of information stops and plenty of time for photos and questions. Pop your head in at the Information Hub to book a free guided walking tour. Available between 10:45am and 2:00pm every day.

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