Welcome to Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo gets hands-on in wildlife conservation, at home and beyond our borders. One simple vision inspires and directs our work – a world where diversity of species and habitats is secure.

The role and purpose of zoos have changed enormously in recent decades. Perth Zoo – in collaboration with scientific agencies, governments and other conservation partners – plays a part in the much bigger picture of the conservation of our natural world. We contribute directly to the preservation of species and habitat diversity while also providing visitors with the opportunity to encounter the natural world and become involved in conservation.


To be Western Australia’s journey into the natural world.
Conservation leadership. Community connection. Collective impact.


Empowering a future where wildlife and humanity thrive together.


We lead with integrity | We are curious and brave | We empower action | We are stronger together

Zoo conservation ‘beyond our borders’

The Conservation Strategy of the World Association of Zoos & Aquaria (WAZA) calls on zoos worldwide to integrate all aspects of their work with field conservation activity. Perth Zoo is well ahead of this mandate with our acclaimed native species breed-for-release program, fundraising support of global conservation programs, cooperation with other zoos, conservation and research organisations, and the world first relocation of zoo-born orangutans into protected habitat in Sumatra. We aim to further expand our support in the future by partnering in similar breed-for-release programs for exotic species. Our cooperation will extend to human development agencies, overseas governments and local communities since a successful project can make a difference not only to wildlife conservation but also to associated human communities by improving employment, education and basic living conditions, as well as helping to change people’s attitudes to the importance of the natural world. See the Conservation section for details of field conservation work supported by Perth Zoo.


The Australasian Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA) accreditation program establishes, maintains and raises standards of operations in the zoo and aquarium community. It independently reviews and validates facilities and standards in zoos and ensures that agreed standards are met. Accreditation of zoos through ZAA gives the general public and zoo visitors confidence in their zoos and aquariums, not only in animal welfare but also their work for conservation. Achieving accreditation by the ZAA fundamentally indicates that the zoo, aquarium or wildlife park provides the best possible welfare to the animals in their care, and does not just simply meet legal minimum requirements but strives to exceed them.

Perth Zoo was one of the first zoos to achieve accreditation by the leading industry body. To ensure high standards are maintained, all ZAA members undergo accreditation every three years and are assessed on the same standards. Perth Zoo was last audited by the ZAA and achieved accreditation in 2015. This confirmed that Perth Zoo operates at a high standard and that there is strong commitment to conservation at all levels. For more information about ZAA and accreditation, visit zooaquarium.org.au.

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