Welcome to Perth Zoo

For 125 years Perth Zoo has been at the heart of the Western Australian community. With more than 700,000 visitors annually from every corner of our beautiful State, as well as nationally and internationally, we connect people with nature and create life-long memories through awe-inspiring experiences.

More than 40,000 school children visit the Zoo for education programs, making Perth Zoo WA’s largest education provider outside of the formal education system. Combined with the many opportunities for visitors to engage with our staff, volunteers and animals, Perth Zoo is at the forefront of inspiring behaviour change to help save wildlife.

But we’re not content to rest on our laurels, and we are building a zoo that meets the challenges of the future.

The Perth Zoo Master Plan has been developed to create more magical wildlife moments, while giving our animals more room to roam. It is based on cutting-edge design and innovative concepts for visitors to delve further into our world than ever before. It will ensure Perth Zoo continues to be a world-class zoo now and into the future. This work has already begun with construction started on a new café, function centre and playgrounds, with the Primate Crossing exhibit due to start in 2024.

To help with our goals, Perth Zoo is a participant in the Resources Community Investment Initiative. Check out what we hope to achieve through this partnership in our RCII prospectus (pdf).

A Zoo That Moves With You!

Perth Zoo is a world-leading conservation zoo, but it is vital that we don’t stand still. That’s why we've developed this master plan to create your future zoo, a zoo that moves with you.

This is a long-term plan for our special zoo site in South Perth and will guide what happens here for 20 years. Perth Zoo is a sanctuary, a school, a wildlife dating agency, a nursery, a hospital, scientific institution and your local wilderness. We want to create new experiences to share all this with you.

We're excited about moving forward. We’re excited to be planning a zoo that moves with you.

Read on to learn more about our wild journey.

Help build YOUR future Zoo

When you donate, you are helping us build a better zoo. Donations made now, will help us launch the first stages of the master plan.

This is your Zoo, thank you for helping to shape its future.

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Completed So Far


The new playground is completed, providing a central exciting nature play space for kids of all ages.

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Café and Function Centre

The new function centre and a new café right in the heart of your Zoo is complete. 

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Early Focus Projects


Conservation Science Precinct

The Conservation Science Precinct will bring critical behind-the-scenes work to the forefront, showcasing veterinary, scientific and conservation activities essential to animal health and the continued existence of unique Western Australian species.

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Orangutan Rainforest Precinct

We have the opportunity to create a holistic, world-class and immersive rainforest experience that highlights the amazing work we do with the critically endangered Sumatran Orangutan and take visitors on a journey to discover the many essential connections between animals, plants and people in the rainforest ecosystem.

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African Savannah Expansion

The African Savannah Expansion will leverage and enhance the existing popularity of one of the Zoo’s most successful and immersive experiences.

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Primate Crossing

The Primate Crossing demonstrates the underlying philosophy of the Perth Zoo Master Plan: change and excitement, along with increased animal and visitor welfare and choice.

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Main Lawn

The Main Lawn is getting a revamped look in 2024.

There will be new pathways, new turf, shelters and seating, as well as a stunning arbor that will help frame the Heart of the Zoo.

Still to Come

Entry Village

We will reorient the Zoo, so that visitors enter from the Windsor Park side of Perth Zoo, establishing an organic connection with the South Perth ferry terminal and Windsor Park.

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Exceptional Event Opportunities

The Zoo has always been a sought-after location for functions and events, but with the expansion of what’s on offer – including overnight accommodation – people will be stampeding for the experience.

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Help build YOUR future Zoo

When you donate, you are helping us build a better zoo. Donations made now, will help us launch the first stages of the master plan.

This is your Zoo, thank you for helping to shape its future.


+ When will development start?

+ How will this be funded?

+ Who designed the Zoo master plan?

+ When was the community consulted?

+ Will the Zoo be getting any new animals?

+ How can I support the master plan?

+ Why are we not building an open range zoo?

+ Where are the elephants going?

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