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The Zoo that moves with you

We’re at the beginning of planning your future zoo, a zoo that moves with you, and we want you to join us on this journey.

Post the passing of elderly Asian Elephant, Tricia, our two younger elephants will be moved to other zoos to benefit from being within a herd setting. This provides the opportunity to re-think and reinvigorate the offerings on our urban zoo site. 

Our vision is to create more magical wildlife moments for you while giving our animals more room to roam. Initial ideas for Perth Zoo are based on innovative concepts already used at international zoos which would allow you to delve further into our world than ever before. 

This is your zoo, so we want you to be part of our evolution. Get involved by leaving feedback on our community engagement portal embedded further down the page. 

General public feedback is now closed for review. Thank you for your thoughts on our initial ideas for the Zoo that Moves With You. As this project develops further we’ll need your help and input, we are just at the start of this journey together.

To discover more about our exciting future, please scroll down. 

Perth Zoo, a zoo that moves with you!

Want to know more?

You have a lot of questions. We have a lot of information! While our staff are very happy to help you, maybe what you need to know is already answered here.

Donate to your future Zoo

When you donate, you are helping us build a better zoo.

We’ll turn our vision into a reality via a series of staged developments. Donations made now, will help us launch the first stage of the new plan.

This is your Zoo, thank you for helping to shape its future.


Entry Village

We may change direction. We could reorient the Zoo so that visitors enter from the Windsor Park side of Perth Zoo, providing immersion in nature right from the outset. Iconic WA bird species could provide a cacophony of voices from the Zoo, heralding your arrival and setting the scene for a wild adventure.

Wild Vets

Imagine seeing inside the veterinary hospital. Watch our experts clean a lion’s teeth or assess a snake and see conservation medicine in action to help animals thrive. With your support we could build a conservation centre of excellence, showcasing what we do together to save wildlife. It would be something WA can be proud of!

Bear and Tiger Tunnels

They’re on the prowl. The big cats and Sun Bears could have more room to roam thanks to treetop tunnels, an idea based on cutting edge international zoo design. It would provide more habitat for them while visitors would have better viewing opportunities to appreciate these majestic animals.

People of the Forest

Together we could build a zoo that gives our world renowned orangutan colony more room to swing. O-lines, highly suspended cable tracks, would give the great apes the choice to traverse the open skies while giving guests a better look at one of our closest relatives.

Rotating the View

Learning from our international zoo colleagues, our exhibits could be designed to rotate animals through different areas so that no two days were ever the same for you or them. Will there be a giraffe or rhino at the waterhole? Imagine having to stop at a real life zebra crossing as they trot across the pathway to another yard. Constantly moving. Constantly different. The Zoo that moves with you!

Primate Pursuits

Monkey mayhem! The primate habitat could be expanded to include exploration tree top tunnels. With your support, visitors could delight in watching them partake in cheeky primate pursuits, leaping and foraging for insects and tasty treats, right above your head!

Thanks to Zoos Victoria, Smithsonian's National Zoo, Philadelphia Zoo, St Louis Zoo, Woodland Park Zoo, Adelaide Zoo/Zoos South Australia and Wellington Zoo for providing images and footage, and inspiring future ideas for Perth Zoo.

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