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We exist to inspire and act for wildlife conservation.

Perth Zoo provides hundreds of thousands of people each year with an opportunity to encounter the natural world and contribute to conservation action. But our responsibilities don’t stop there. We are part of a global conservation community working toward species conservation, within our borders and beyond them.

Western Swamp Tortoise swimming
Conservation in Action

Many species in the wild are facing extinction. We work with the local community to raise funds to save threatened species in the wild.

A Western Ground Parrot in a nest
Conservation Partners

Birds of a feather flock together… Perth Zoo partners with local and global conservation organisations with a shared goal of saving wildlife.

White-bellied Frog
Biodiversity is Us

We are all connected. Biological diversity (ecosystems, species & genetics) is a vital ingredient of human survival and welfare.


Perth Zoo has fostered research for decades. We collaborate with various universities and external researchers to increase collective knowledge of the natural world.  

Veterinary Services

You may not see the work of the veterinary department when you visit Perth Zoo but it plays a very important role behind the scenes.

A Sustainable Zoo

Meeting the needs of our visitors, animals and staff without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We walk the talk and aim to lessen our environmental footprint in every aspect of Zoo operations.