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Adopt an Animal

Forge an unbreakable bond with your favourite animal – while contributing to wildlife conservation! Annual animal adoption is a fun and rewarding way to support Perth Zoo’s vital breeding and conservation programs, while creating a lifetime connection with your favourite species!

Your adoption will help us to take good care of your animal, protect endangered species and work hard with our conservation efforts around the world.

We’ll continue to look after your adoptee right here in the Zoo but you’ll go home knowing you’re directly contributing to wildlife conservation. And you’ll have a gorgeous certificate of your favourite friend to frame on the wall!

Businesses Make Great Parents, Too!

When your business or company adopts an animal, you are supporting one of Perth’s most treasured and most visited attractions. Hang your beautifully framed adoption certificate somewhere prominent to demonstrate your commitment to wildlife, conservation and the local community.

Your 12-month personal adoption package includes: 

  • Personalised adoption certificate with a photo of your animal
  • Subscription to News Paws, Perth Zoo’s quarterly magazine


Individual/Family:  $58 (unframed), $89 (framed)
School class/Club/Community group:           

$116 (framed)

Business/School:  $159 (framed)

Postage and handling charges apply. Payment can be made by cash, credit card, or cheque.


Can’t decide between an animal adoption and a Paw Print? Why not get both?

You can ‘Double-Up’ by having both your Adoption Certificate and life-sized Paw Print mounted together in a chic frame. Fantastic for businesses and perfect for gift-giving.