Welcome to Perth Zoo

We love that you have questions. It means you’re thinking of visiting or you’ve already been and wanted to know some more about our animals and programs.



+ Can I buy a ticket at the gate?

+ When I purchase an online ticket am I able to change my ticket type upon entry (downgrade/upgrade)?

+ If I selected the incorrect entry ticket type am I able to change this on the day?

+ How long is my day entry ticket valid for after I purchase it?

+ Am I able to receive a refund if I'm unable to use it/ change my mind?

+ What if I typed in the wrong email address?

+ Can I get my tickets re-issued?

+ Can I get a discount on purchasing group tickets online?

+ Can I convert my entry ticket to a membership?

+ Can I purchase tickets as gifts?

+ If I send a gift ticket what will the recipient receive?

+ What is the expiry on the gift voucher confirmation code?

+ Do I have to send the gift to the recipient, or can I send it to myself to give it to them later?

+ If I send a gift can I put a note on the gift?

+ Can I convert my gift entry tickets to a membership

+ If I am overseas can I buy tickets for relatives living in Perth?

+ Can I buy tickets and print them later?

+ Can I show my tickets from my mobile device when entering the Zoo?

+ What form of payment types do you accept?

+ Can I reuse my ticket?

+ Can you post me my ticket?

+ Can I pick up my ticket on the day?

+ Can lost, stolen or destroyed tickets be replaced?

+ Where can I find my confirmation code?

+ I lost my confirmation code. How can I confirm my gift?

+ My confirmation code isn't working. Can you please provide assistance?

+ Does Perth Zoo give tickets to charities or community groups for their fundraising?



+ Will there be keeper talks?

+ Is the Nocturnal House open?

+ Is the Australian Reptile Encounter open?

+ Are the Close Encounters running?

+ Is the Zoo café open?

+ Can I use the Zoo BBQs?

+ Can I hire a wagon?

+ Can I hire a wheelchair?

+ Are the free walking tours operating?

+ Is the Zoo Shop open?

+ Can I use cash to purchase items at the Zoo?



+ How do I set up an account?

+ I can't remember my account password

+ I logged on to my online account and there is a prompt telling me to reset my password.

+ What if I got my email address wrong when I as making a purchase?

+ How do I become a member?

+ How long is my membership valid for?

+ How can I view my membership details? (i.e expiry date, contact details and purchase history?)

+ How can I update the details on my membership?

+ Can I gift a membership?

+ What is the expiry date on the gift voucher confirmation code?

+ How long is the gift membership valid for?

+ Can I gift an existing member a membership renewal?

+ Can I receive a refund if I have changed my mind or unable to use the membership?

+ I have been given a membership as a gift but I already have a current membership, can I get a refund?

+ Can I purchase a membership if I live in another state?

+ Can I transfer my membership to another person?

+ What happens if I have lost my card?

+ Can I reuse my ticket?


+ I can't book online and don't know what to do.

+ I can't make the session I booked.

+ I've lost my ticket(s).


+ Can I buy an open-dated voucher as a gift?

+ My preferred experience is booked up, do you have a waiting list?

+ I can no longer attend on the date booked. Can I cancel my close encounter?

+ If I am unable to attend my booked close encounter, are tickets transferable?


Animals Under Threat

+ Which of your animals are endangered?

+ I would like a (Numbat, Orangutan, Lemur, Meerkat, etc) as a pet. Where can I buy one?

+ What is CITES?

Animals Living with Us

+ What is done to enrich the lives of animals?

+ Do you train any of the animals at the Zoo?

+ How often are the reptiles fed?

+ How often do snakes shed their skin?

+ Do you feed your reptiles live food?

+ Why does the Zoo have several animals of one species and none of another?

+ Can I feed the animals?

+ How often are they fed?

+ Why can't I see an animal today?

+ Why does Perth Zoo keep some of its animals all alone - why can't they have some friends?

+ How many animals are there in the Zoo? How many species are there?

+ Did Perth Zoo once have Polar Bears?

Animals Living with You

+ What should I do with injured wildlife?

+ I have a (bird, insect, frog) in my garden. Can you please tell me what it is?

+ There are lots of holes dug in my lawn each night - what does this?

+ I have a possum in my roof. How should I get it out?

+ How can I get the frogs in my garden to keep quiet?

+ There are frogs in my swimming pool - will the chlorine hurt them?

+ How can I get rid of the frogs in my garden?


Got a question about how the Zoo is run? We’ve gathered the most common questions here. Go ahead, test us!

+ What is a 'breeding program'?

+ When is a species considered 'threatened'?

+ Guidelines and ethics.

+ Running Perth Zoo.

+ How do I arrange a browse donation?

+ Do you have any marketing or customer surveys that I can look at for my studies? Can I get a copy of your marketing or business plans?

+ Can I bring a pet into the Zoo?

+ Can I smoke in the Zoo?

+ Can I bring sporting items into the Zoo?

+ Photography/filming at the Zoo.

+ Why doesn't Perth Zoo have a butterfly house?

+ Can I charge my device or wheelchair?


We are just at the start of planning your future Zoo and thank you for your involvement. We want to create a zoo that moves with you, using cutting edge zoological exhibit design to provide magical moments for you and giving our animals more room to roam.

As we begin this journey together, we know you’re bound to have a few questions. We’ve put together the following Q&A to help explain some of the ideas we have to build your future Zoo over the coming decades.

+ Why will the elephants be moving?

+ How will the elephants be moved?

+ What ideas do you have for the Zoo in the future?

+ How will the master plan be developed?

+ Can we help choose which animals will be at the Zoo?

+ How will you pay for future developments?

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