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About Perth Zoo

A modern zoo is a complex business. There is a lot more going on ‘behind-the-scenes’ than many people imagine.

Only one-third of Perth Zoo’s staff work directly with the animals you see when you visit – the majority work in other areas supporting the important conservation and tourism work being done here. Read on to find out about Perth Zoo’s vision and values, our strategic planning, our history, our governance, our jobs and our high-profile media stories.

Tiny pygmy python in the palm of a hand
Role of the Zoo

One clear ‘vision’ inspires and directs our work – a world in which diversity of species and habitats is secure. Sounds simple, but achieving it is the biggest challenge we face.

Historical photograph of Perth Zoo's Train

Over twelve decades, Perth Zoo has grown from a place of recreation and fascination to one of education, conservation and inspiration. Echoes of our foundation years can still be found within our beautiful grounds.

Perth Zoo staff member holding a penguin chick
Corporate Governance

Perth Zoo is administered by the Zoological Parks Authority. We embrace the principles of equity and inclusiveness and recognise Australia’s first Peoples as the earliest caretakers of our native fauna and habitats.

Strategic Direction

Perth Zoo exists to inspire and act for wildlife conservation – through our care of animals, our environmental responsibility and our service to you. We act for wildlife conservation by working beyond our borders and into the very environments we want to protect.

Annual Report

Perth Zoo is an agency of the Western Australian State Government and we report on our programs and successes every year. We do this electronically to be sustainable. Please help us by reading this PDF online or printing double-sided on recycled paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have a lot of questions. We have a lot of information! While our staff are very happy to help you, maybe what you need to know is already answered here.