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Off Display

We are continually working to improve Perth Zoo to provide the best possible experience and surroundings for our animals and visitors. With the Zoo open every day of the year, this means that some exhibits and areas may be closed and animals off-display from time to time. This might be for animal management reasons (eg animal introductions, births etc), upgrade of an exhibit or building a whole new one.

While we understand this can be disappointing, it is all part of ensuring our animals are healthy and that we are providing you with a better experience. Be assured though that the majority of the Zoo’s animals and exhibits are open for you to enjoy.

Monday 10 December

  • Penguins & Australian Wetlands closed

Tuesday 11 December

  • Tropical Bird Aviary closed
  • Penguins & Australian Wetlands closed

Wednesday 12 December

  • Bull Elephant off display
  • Orangutans off display
Off-Display Animals
  • Splendid Tree Frog
  • Royal Spoonbill
  • Red-eared Slider
  • Radjah Shelduck
  • Plumed Whistling Duck
  • Pied Heron
  • Mertens Water Monitor
  • Little Pied Cormorant
  • Green Tree Frog
  • Eastern Great Egret
  • Glossy Ibis
  • Freshwater Crocodile
  • Freckled Duck
  • Estuarine Crocodile
  • Western Swamp Tortoise
  • Bridled Tern
  • Bush Stone-curlew
  • Brolga
  • Blue-billed Duck
  • Black-winged Stilt
  • Black-necked Stork
  • Black Swan
  • Australasian Shoveler