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Off Display

We are continually working to improve Perth Zoo to provide the best possible experience and surroundings for our animals and visitors. With the Zoo open every day of the year, this means that some exhibits and areas may be closed and animals off-display from time to time. This might be for animal management reasons (eg animal introductions, births etc), upgrade of an exhibit or building a whole new one.

While we understand this can be disappointing, it is all part of ensuring our animals are healthy and that we are providing you with a better experience. Be assured though that the majority of the Zoo’s animals and exhibits are open for you to enjoy.

Zebras are off display until further notice.

The White Lip Tree Frogs and Green Tree Frogs will be off display until further notice.

The Baboons will be off display on October 14-17, 21, 22 and November 11-15 and 25-28. 



Off-Display Animals
  • Spinifex Hopping-mouse
  • Owlet-nightjar
  • Mertens Water Monitor
  • Javan Gibbon
  • Hamadryas Baboon