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Calling all Wildlife Superheroes
Don your capes, secure your masks and head down to Perth Zoo headquarters these school holidays.
Zoo Crew
Give your child the opportunity to get up-close with zoo animals, make special animal treats and go into restricted access areas.
Girl 'Power' grows at Perth Zoo
Meet our longest serving female Zoo Keeper.
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Our Animals

The animals and plants at Perth Zoo are from all corners of the globe. Find out more with these informative fact sheets and explore your world.

Numbat showing its stripes
An adult and juvenile Giraffe touching heads
Southern White Rhino at Perth Zoo
A Short-beaked Echidna puggle with its long tongue extended being held by a Perth Zoo keeper
Sumatran Orangutan at Perth Zoo
Close up of a Red Kangaroo in the Australian Bushwalk at Perth Zoo
Close-up of an African Painted Dog in his enclosure at Perth Zoo
What's happening

Perth Zoo is widely known as a unique events and functions destination and can offer a host of amazing experiences. Thousands of visitors come to the Zoo not only to see the animals, but to be entertained by the many and varied events held in the Zoo’s spectacular setting.

Latest from the blog

I’m Vicki Power and this year I celebrate 30 years at Perth Zoo, as the longest serving female Zoo Keeper on staff.

On the first day of winter, the keepers in our Native Species Breeding Program were up very early to prepare three of Perth Zoo’s female Dibblers for their release in to the wild.

Perth Zoo educator showing some school boys an echidna

Spend an inspiring day with our animals assisted by one of our trained educators or at your own pace. You can even stay the night!

Numbat showing its stripes

We exist to inspire and act for wildlife conservation. We are part of a global conservation community working toward species conservation, within our borders and beyond them.

Close up of a Sun Bear
Get Involved

Many animals in the wild are facing extinction. Thanks to your generous donations, Perth Zoo can save threatened species in the wild and their habitats.