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Do Your Part

Saving Wildlife doesn’t have to mean volunteering in a sanctuary or heading out on an anti-poaching patrol or auditing penguins on an ice-flow…or even running a zoo!

There is no shortage of things you can do every single day from your living room, car or phone to help make a difference. We’ve brought together some of our favourites to give you a starting point. Contribute, talk about them on social media, get your friends involved, spread the word. Before you know it, the ‘power of one’ has become ‘the power of many’.

Numbat showing its stripes
Wipe for Wildlife

We’ve made the change to recycled toilet paper – now it’s your turn. Go ahead and get yourself a guilt-free bum!

Two Sumatran Orangutans at Perth Zoo
Don't Palm Us Off

Better labelling of Palm Oil on packaging could mean the difference between survival and extinction for orangutans in south-east Asia.

Sumatran Tiger at Perth Zoo
Handy Phone Apps

Technology is a powerful conservation tool. Here are two apps that will let you make a difference right from your phone or tablet!