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Millions of trees are flushed down Australian toilets each year. Is your bum guilt-free?

In a time of struggling biodiversity and climate change, our trees are way too important to be flushing down toilets! The good news is that modern recycled toilet paper is just as strong and soft as non-recycled, and it’s much better for the environment!

Perth Zoo has made the change to recycled toilet paper and we bet you haven’t even noticed the difference. Now it’s your turn. It’s time to stop being tree flushers and start feeling good about wiping for wildlife.

Wipe out waste

Recycling reduces pressure on forests and diverts waste from landfill.

Buying Australian recycled paper products also helps ‘close the loop’ for waste collected in Australia. And it keeps the overall carbon footprint down than products shipped in from overseas. Recycled toilet paper is mostly made from materials that have already been used once like clean office paper. This is referred to as post-consumer waste.

Recycled toilet paper costs the same (or less) than non-recycled so you can have a guilt-free bum with no damage to your hip pocket. Skeptical about that? We compared the prices of different grade toilet paper in major supermarket online shopping catalogues. Here’s what we found.

Brand Type Recycled Non-recycled
Brand 1 (12 pack) $6.60 $6.79
Brand 2 (6 pack) $4.18 $4.94
Brand 3 (6 pack, homebrand) $2.89 $2.97

What should you look for in the supermarket?

We recommend brands that

  • use 100% recycled paper
  • are made in Australia
  • are not re-bleached.

Want to do more?

It’s amazing how many recycled paper product alternatives there are now. You can purchase greeting cards, notepads and exercise books, diaries, napkins and even absorbent towel all made from recycled paper.

Many of our visitors have pledged to buy recycled toilet paper and are proud to have a guilt-free bum.

Download one of these posters and put it up around your house, school, work place and of course, your loo!

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